Sunday, September 19

Five-year-old Afghan boy evacuated from Poland dies from eating poisonous mushrooms

A five-year-old Afghan boy who remained in a Polish refugee center after being evacuated from Afghanistan died this Thursday after ingesting poisonous mushrooms that he had collected with his brothers, according to hospital sources.

The medical team that treated the boy at the Warsaw Children’s Hospital certified the boy’s “brain death” after several days of fighting severe liver failure that triggered irreversible brain damage.

He and his two brothers went out to collect mushrooms in the vicinity of the Podkowa Leśna-Dębak refugee reception center, about 20 kilometers south of Warsaw, at the request of his parents, who are also at the center.

It is feared for the life of the minor

The two brothers of the deceased remain hospitalized. The older sister, 17, is doing well; But the youngest, of six, had to be operated on and had a liver transplant on Tuesday.

This minor is in very serious condition and there is fear for his life. Dr. Marek Migdal, who has treated the deceased child, has stated that his condition is similar to that of his brother “two days ago”, so that “unfavorably, his prognosis is unfavorable.”

The Afghan family arrived in Poland on August 23 from Kabul, from where they were evacuated in one of the planes chartered by the Polish government to rescue Afghan citizens who collaborated with the diplomatic and military missions of Western governments.

According to the Polish Government, the number of Afghan civilians who have arrived in Warsaw thanks to the evacuation operation carried out by Poland amounts to 1,021.

All of these people must be quarantined before it is decided where and under what conditions they will be relocated, a Polish government spokesman reported last week.

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