Friday, September 24

Five years without a job and salary to the clerk of the Santurtzi court for allowing a party in the courtroom

The secretary of the Justice of the Peace of the Biscayan town of Santurtzi, a dependency of the Department of Equality, Justice and Social Policies of the Basque Government, has been sanctioned with a suspension of employment and salary of five years for enabling the celebration of a party organized by his daughter in the courtroom, as reported ‘The country’ and ‘The mail’.

Elorrio joins the closed municipalities without a state of alarm and the Ertzaintza denounces the incidents for “fun”

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The events date back to the last New Year’s Eve, when the curfew – which was skipped – was in effect until shortly after midnight. Five young people with alcohol gathered at the place and with them was also a dog.

The local police appeared in the court when they detected the presence of people after hours and saw the door open. Those inside had free access to all the premises, including the archive with confidential information from the judicial files. The agents called the secretary and, during the visit, her daughter was identified among the participants of the illegal party. The official confirmed that it was she who allowed them access.

There are three offenses committed by the court clerk, which are considered very serious. He is accused of improper use of material means, of negligence in the performance of his duties and also of negligence in the custody of official documents.

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