Wednesday, May 18

Flat, with the potential to be a new unicorn in Mexico

The proptech mexicana was included within the Club Soonicorn (or soon unicorns) by Mexico, by Tracnx, the largest investor research partner in the world, this due to its Accelerated growth for the purchase and resale of housing, a process that they carry out in less than 10 days.

“We are happy to be considered within the ranking, it is always good to see that the market recognizes the trajectory we are having and the growth that is being seen in the company”, said Bernardo Cordero, CEO of a The financial.

The list recognized companies that are unicorns or that have the potential to become one, valued at more than billion dollars, putting the in the Minicorn category (Mini Unicorn).

Cordero highlighted that in one year the platform has grown aggressively to have more than 800 properties listed mainly in the Valley of Mexico and the main cities of the country.

“We have around 800 certified properties, that has been the fastest growth of how we create more volume, we have grown more than 30 times the offer we had at the end of the year,” he said.

What’s more, has explored other lines of business such as brokerage for the sale of properties, as well as other self-financing products that help users to buy a house faster than traditional methods. goes up. Flat grew to 25 times the number of registered visits in 2021.