Tuesday, March 28

Flickr copies the OnlyFans formula to add paying subscribers | Digital Trends Spanish

Flickr has a plan to add paying subscribers that draws the attention of those who use this popular image site. The platform will now allow those with a Flickr Pro account (paying users) to monetize their users.

From now on, these types of profiles will be able to post restricted or moderated content that includes photos of “full frontal nudity and sexual acts”, so it is a bit closer to what the popular OnlyFans platform does.

Thus, people will be able to establish a payment barrier for this type of adult content. The idea is that other users access these images only by paying.

“Photographers who craft and create work that might be considered risky by some will have a safe place online to interact with one another, share mutual interests, and get their art out into the world without the fear of it being removed or banned by law.” of the communities they love,” said Alex Seville, head of Flickr.

In 2018, this popular image hosting service was acquired by SmugMug. Back then, CEO Don MacAskill’s intention was to make the platform more profitable. Although the launch of Flickr Pro pointed in that direction, it failed to convince users, as they still had 1TB of storage in their free account.

For the same reason, the service now aims higher and allows those who have a paid account to publish adult content and make a charge to access it.

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