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Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X: Perfect Escapism | Digital Trends Spanish

The most recent Flight Simulator, released on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, it has several peculiarities. From a technological point of view, one of them is the use of artificial intelligence and the Azure cloud to represent the world under the wings of the plane. In a way Flight Simulator It is the closest thing to what Microsoft promised in 2013, when they assured that the future of video games would be based on the cloud.

In 2021, all of the above is not in doubt: the cloud technology of the new Flight Simulator works smoothly when playing online.

But in something more tangible, this game represents a milestone no less: it is the first Flight Simulator to launch on consoles. The series was born and developed on a platform where users had at least one keyboard and mouse at their disposal. The most fanatical perhaps had a control like the classic Sidewinders. Play Flight Simulator on a computer he never made anyone question the control scheme.

On consoles like Xbox Series X or Series S, however, the story is different. Yes, they both have keyboard and mouse support, but how many users use this option? Who connects two desktop devices when playing in the chair?

Fortunately, the creators of this game managed to come up with a scheme, at least, comfortable. I played Flight Simulator on an Xbox Series S with a controller and I must say that the interface is, with its limitations, very appropriate for more casual sessions. The basic controls are generally intuitive, especially in terms of the simplest maneuvers such as turning the plane, accelerating, taking off, and so on.

However, this changes when airplanes are more complex. Some controls are more contextual, as well as button combinations for more specific actions. But already in environments more simulation or much more specific actions on gigantic boards like those of a Boeing 757, there is no choice but to use the cursor mode and move the pointer on the screen to reach buttons, levers or panels.

This control system for more advanced contexts and situations is functional and probably the best solution that the development team found to adapt something as complex as Flight Simulator at the command of a console, which has little more than a dozen buttons. But it is not the most optimal solution that can exist.

Despite this, Flight Simulator in no case is it minimized by such limitation. Moreover, it could well be said that using the joystick To take off a commercial airplane of the largest that can be and without assistance must be one of the most complex tasks of any console simulator. What games like Great tourism or Forza Motorsport With the simulation and control of a car it is several airports away from Flight Simulator.

Not for nothing has a game of this type never been transferred to consoles before. And that in itself is a monumental achievement; I don’t want to imagine how many hours the developers at Asobo Studio must have spent iterating until they came up with an appropriate schematic for a game this complex.

Flight Simulator On consoles it is an interesting experience, partly because of the unpublished and because, beyond the change in control, there seem to be no major compromises or cuts with respect to the game that was released in 2020 on PC.

Because in the long run Flight Simulator It is not just a simulation tool, it can also be a form of escapism, in which you can fly above the Himalayas with barely touching the controls. And that is also a video game.

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