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Floki Inu dog cryptocurrency advertising angers financial regulator

The UK’s capital London plans to ban cryptocurrency ads on its traditional buses after an invasion of the Floki Inu (FLOKI) token.

This token created on the Binance Smart Chain network in July 2021 emerged as a meme after Elon Musk announced that his Shiba Inu dog would be named “Floki”.

With the name given to the animal, several Floki cryptocurrencies appeared on the market, following the line of being dog memes. Elon Musk, it’s worth remembering, is an avowed fan of Dogecoin, the largest animal-representing coin on the market.

Since its creation four months ago, according to data from CoinGecko, Floki Inu has already gained an impressive 245,918.2% in the market, with its price going from US$ 0.000000084280 to US$ 0.00020709 today. In the last 24 hours, this token has devalued 7%.

London sees danger with Floki Inu ads on buses and must ban cryptocurrency ads

At the end of October, an advertising campaign by Floki Inu invaded public transport in one of the main capitals of Europe, London. The material highlighted that those who missed the opportunity with Dogecoin could find in Floki Inu a new chance to get rich with cryptocurrencies.

However, local authorities were not happy to see a call to invest in cryptocurrencies like the one made by the anonymous group, right on buses in the capital. So, according to sources heard by The Guardian, Transport for London (TfL) shall ban any and all advertisements for cryptocurrencies in the future.

London already has advertising guidelines with Junk Food, for example, and it should have them with cryptocurrencies, suggested a member of the Green Party in the city, in a question addressed to the city.

Just as it’s a mystery who created Floki Inu, the ads were also made in London without identifying people. In August 2020, brokerage Binance put Bitcoin billboards on the streets of London, but in May 2021 an ad that says “time to buy Bitcoin” was banned in the UK, showing that the situation has gotten tough for the cryptocurrency industry on site.

Floki Inu names Brazilian who became a millionaire with Dogecoin as ambassador

Last Sunday (14), an announcement took the Floki Inu community by surprise, which announced the Brazilian Glauber Contessoto as the community’s ambassador.

“We would like to announce an exciting and strategic partnership with Glauber Contessoto, who will be an ambassador for FLOKI and the Viking Community going forward.”

Glauber lives in the United States and gained fame after becoming a millionaire in Dollars with Dogecoin with the rise of the currency in recent months. However, open to buying other memes from the market, he is now declares aim to acquire 500 million FLOKI, a rival of Dogecoin in the market.

It is worth noting that projects such as Floki and Shiba Inu emerged strongly in 2021, even going through good times in the market, but it is possible that these currencies will not last long, as the trend of investing in meme projects should end with a possible downfall of Bitcoin.

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