Wednesday, January 19

Florida Governor Says Bitcoin Goodbye!

Positions have been presented in support of the implementation of Bitcoin as a legal tender financial instrument. On this occasion, the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, manifested an initiative to introduce cryptocurrencies to the local economy.

This state official would support the development of a system of products and payments related to the crypto world.

The state government joins the initiative

It is not the first time that opinions related to the implementation of Bitcoin have emerged in the state of Florida, in the United States. The truth is that for some time, some local officials have tried to welcome the crypto world.

Such is the case of the current mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, who showed their support for innovation BTC since early 2021. From his point of view, the criptomonedas represent an economic advantage for the payment of employees using criptodivisas. In addition to this, the possibility of attracting investors involved in the sector would arise.

Given the positions of support towards said ecosystem, it is now the governor of Florida who shows himself to favor implementation. DeSantis believes that the use of Bitcoin should not be condemned, however, want the government regulations are “friendly” trying to energize the local economy.

This opinion appears at the time that the mayor of Miami already received the go-ahead from Miami-Dade County. Both entities would seek to generate some synchronization with the crypto market to integrate cryptocurrencies with salary payments, services and taxes.

This scenario is joined by the state government, which would try to find some way to positively legislate the field of digital assets. “This is something that we welcome and we want to make sure that the state government is crypto-friendly,” DeSantis commented on the matter.

A path still uncertain

Although there are advances in terms of the implementation of cryptocurrencies, it has not been made clear what procedures the state of Florida will take to realize the idea. The parties involved have not yet agreed to expedite the process.

However, the intentions are present, including the arrival of more interested investors in the crypto world. There is already the availability for a fraction of the business sector to formalize the use of the benefits of Bitcoin in terms of financial transactions.

This sector cautiously awaits the measures that are taken in the state to open the doors to cryptocurrencies.

On the other hand, the acceptance process continues to be slow, while the Florida governor tries to handle the situation with the rest of the officials. The regulatory reality remains uncertain and most officials have not familiarized themselves with the new environment.

However, Ron DeSantis is optimistic, hoping that relevant legal process for approving regulated Bitcoin and other criptomonedas are consolidated.