Wednesday, January 19

Flow Podcast’s Monark Announces Cryptocurrency Game Creation

Monark, presenter of the Flow Podcast, announced on his social networks that he will start producing his own game in 2022. In addition, he also revealed that the game will be play to earn with cryptocurrencies.

This isn’t the first time Flow has been involved in the cryptocurrency industry. Earlier this year they launched Flowcoins, a digital currency used to interact with the channel. It was later renamed Sparks and remains active today.

As for games that use a more open economy, allowing their users to participate in their savings, they have exploded this year. Some of these tokens had the highest valuations in 2021.

Flow cryptocurrency game

Today Flow, presented by Monark and Igor 3K, is one of the largest podcasts in Brazil, with 3.6 million subscribers on YouTube and more than 465 million views on this platform alone.

Despite the program’s success, Monark is planning expand your endeavors by producing a game in the style MMORPG next year, he revealed in response to fellow youtuber Izzy Nobre. According to him, the game will feature a cryptocurrency element, allowing players to earn money for playing.

Monark talking about P2E gaming. Source: Twitter

Although he didn’t give more information about the project, the Flow presenter said he will be creating a vlog — a blog, but with videos — to share videos about the development of his game.

Monark has a YouTube channel that bears his name that has 3.32 million subscribers where he shared about games, despite the last post being 1 year ago.

Cryptocurrency games exploded in 2021

The year 2021 brought great news to the world of cryptocurrencies, one of which was the play to earn (P2E) games that allow users to have financial incentives to play.

This is considered by many to be the evolution of games, which in the beginning were paid for, later became free — with purchases in them — and now allow players to earn money.

This is so big that even major studios like EA and Ubisoft are looking at NFTs more closely, although it seems they don’t yet know what they’re doing.

Finally, this also allows small developers to enter the market to create unique games, as is the case with Sky Mavis with Axie Infinity. We hope that Monark’s game will succeed and bring the concept of cryptocurrencies to more people, although he has already hinted that it will take six years to complete.

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