Tuesday, July 5

Follow live the second and last debate of the Andalusian elections

11:30 p.m.

Swords calls for a plan so that “all wealth is distributed equitably”

Juan Espadas has accused Juan Manuel Moreno of “having turned his back on the municipalities”, and has insisted that “it is essential to set the population”, for which it is necessary to “incentivize the self-employed and give resources to the municipalities”. For this reason, he has advocated a recovery plan for Andalusia with European funds that prioritizes this type of project, so that “all the wealth is distributed equitably.”

11:27 p.m.

Swords reminds Moreno that he has received 33% more funding from the central government

Juan Espadas has criticized that the Junta de Andalucía “has received 33% more funding” from the central government, “it does not have a resource problem”. The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, “has complied with Andalusia, the one who did not comply was Rajoy (PP)”, former president of the central Executive. “What he has done is not spend it, he has returned money”, lamented Swords.

11:25 p.m.

“I do not have tutelage from Madrid,” says Moreno

“Andalusia is poorly financed, we are underfunded,” laments Moreno. And he attacks Swords again as “Sánchez’s delegate”. “Why didn’t they vote in favor of a compensation vote?” he reproaches the socialist candidate. And “if he believes in the eighth title of the Constitution, comply with it.”

“I don’t have guardianship from Madrid,” he tells Inmaculada Nieto. “No one” and she admits to Teresa Rodríguez that she “has no guardianship.”

11:22 p.m.

Swords to Moreno: “Do I dress like a cow so that he can take more notice of me?”

When talking about the financing model, and criticizing that he has not spoken clearly about agreements, Juan Espadas has come to ensure that “I dress like a cow so that he takes more account of me”. And he has guaranteed that he has more possibilities of reaching an agreement on financing with the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, in the face of “the problem you have with Feijóo”, national president of the PP, “because he does not share the model by population” that he defends Andalusia, nor does the president of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

11:21 p.m.

Swords reproaches Moreno for “not denying” that he will agree again with Vox

Juan Espadas has reproached Moreno (PP) that he has been “dizzying the partridge throughout the campaign and we continue without clarifying ourselves” in relation to his party’s policy of pacts. For this reason, he has asked him “if the PSOE is the most voted party, would you repeat this photo with Vox to be the president of the Andalusians?”, in relation to the agreement they reached in 2019. “You have agreed with Vox, it is a right-wing man who has carried out right-wing policies who is running for the PP and has not yet won an election”, although he has acknowledged that “it is a bit difficult to tell Olona after the declaration of love he has made to her”. The conclusion that Espadas has drawn is that Moreno “does not deny” the possibility of an agreement with Vox.

11:16 p.m.

Olona: “Are you going to be my vice president?”; Moreno: “That’s a delirium”

Macarena Olona and Juanma Moreno had an intense stake during the block to elucidate the future government pacts after the elections. “Vox goes out to win so that Andalusia wins. I ask for the confidence to be president. Are you going to be our vice president?” Olona asked Moreno. “That is a delusion”, the PP candidate repeated several times. “Are you going to form a government with Vox or are you going to embrace the PSOE? Do not speak with triumphalist airs ”, reproached the candidate of the extreme right.

Olona also insisted that during the pandemic the government of the Board chose “to close everything”, which “is the simplest”, “adopting much more restrictive measures than the Community of Madrid”.

On the other hand, Macarena Olona responded to the reproaches received by Vox after having proposed the closure of the autonomies. The Vox candidate assured that during the listeriosis crisis, Juanma Moreno went to “Madrid” to “say that the competence of health should return to the State.” Moreno accused Olona of lying.

“You don’t have a party, you have 17 Taifa kingdoms. That is why he needs us”, insisted Olona. “We do not want the capital status of the city of Madrid to be blurred by the autonomous communities. We want to end inequalities”, she insisted. “What sin has Huelva committed to be the only Andalusian capital to not have a maternal child?” she said.

11:11 p.m.

Moreno emulates Susana Díaz with one of her phrases: “I want to govern with an alliance with the Andalusians”

“I want to govern with an alliance with the Andalusians,” says Moreno, evoking Susana Díaz, former socialist president of the Andalusian Government, and considers it “a delirium” that he intends to enter the Andalusian Government, much less preside over it. “You do not know what it is to govern,” says Moreno. And he mentions the eviction of 3,000 people in the last fire in Sierra Bermeja (Málaga), and the Covid months: “It was difficult to close an economic sector or a province. But to govern is to wear yourself out so as not to wear out the government.” And he accuses her of banality because “no one promises as much as someone who is not going to govern.”

11:09 p.m.

Marín does not want to be changed by Vox: “Either there is a government with Citizens, or we are going to return to trouble”

Marín is running to reissue the bipartisan government with the Popular Party. The polls place Ciudadanos on the brink of disappearing in Parliament and the Popular Party as the winner, but without an absolute majority. In that case, Vox demands to enter the Government in exchange for its support. Given this, Marín has warned: “Either there is a government of PP and Citizens, or we are going to return to trouble. Mrs. Olona is already handing out armchairs, and she doesn’t surprise me seeing what happened in Castilla y León”.

The Ciudadanos candidate has recalled that Vox aspires to dismantle the State of Autonomies. “They will call a referendum to change the Constitution and end everything that we Andalusians have achieved in these 40 years of struggle.”

11:04 p.m.

Swords warns that “Olona wants to consolidate the pact to enter the Andalusian Government”

Juan Espadas considers that Vox’s pact offer to the PP means that the matter is “clearer than water, it is a full-fledged declaration of love.” Showing a photograph of the PP-Vox pact of 2019, he recalled that Macarena Olona’s (Vox) offer “is simply the second chapter of the pact that the last legislature already reached.” “Olona wants to consolidate the pact to enter the Government”, for this reason he considers that “it is the moment of truth, Andalusians will have to choose: a government with Vox or progress, which believes in the rights we have conquered”. And he has added that “of course the PSOE is out to win and stop the extreme right”, accusing the PP of “not speaking clearly to the Andalusians”.

11:02 p.m.

Olona offers Moreno to be his “vice president”

“I am not going to take into account any of the little things that he is saying in the campaign,” the far-right candidate, Macarena Olona, ​​has started in the block on post-election pacts. “You are president thanks to Vox,” insisted Olona, ​​who has offered Moreno Bonilla to be “my vice president” if the far-right formation obtains the majority of votes.

“After June 19, my hand will be outstretched to reach agreements on politics and governments,” said Olona. In the event that Vox is not the first political force, “I want you to remember that if you only need a seat or an abstention, it will not be if Vox is not within the government. It is a question that you have shown that either we are in or you do not comply with what was signed”, she assured.

“For the rest, the Andalusians have an extraordinary opportunity to be able to kick Mr. Pedro Sánchez in the butt of Mr. Espadas. It’s nothing personal ”, he has told him in reference to the PSOE candidate. “The game that we play next June 19 is Spain. Andalusia is the beacon of hope for our great nation”, he concluded.

10:50 p.m.

Swords: “We socialists are not going to raise taxes”

Juan Espadas has guaranteed that “socialists are not going to raise taxes”, as Juan Manuel Moreno (PP) has assured, “that is lying to the audience”. The socialist candidate has assured that his objective is “not to give gifts to the highest incomes” while public services “are made of foxes”.

10:47 p.m.

Swords: “Moreno took the photo with the cow but did not listen to the ranchers”

Swords has started another of his interventions by charging first against Olona (Vox), to which he has reminded him that his party “wants to leave Europe and destroy the PAC, which helps the traditional olive grove.” Then he has linked with the culture sector, about which “we do not talk” despite its importance for the Andalusian economy. “Why did PP, Ciudadanos and Vox vote against the popular legislative initiative for a culture law in Andalusia, what has been your bet?”

The same reproach has been made in relation to the agricultural and livestock sector, apart from “the famous photo of the cow”. “The ranchers said they are very upset because the photo was taken with the cow but they did not listen to the ranchers.”


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