Tuesday, March 28

Follow the white rabbit! Here you can eat like in ‘Alice in Wonderland’

“Eat me”, orders one hearts crepe waiting at a table in the Colonia Alamos, in Mexico City, in a room that seems to be that of the white rabbit, so you give it a little taste and out of nowhere your hunger grows more and more; next to it you find a cappuccino that says “drink me”. It’s the cafeteria and creperie Down The Rabbit Hole, a place inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

This coffee seems to have come from a page of the book of Lewis Carroll, there is a smiling cat among the trees, figures of a white rabbit distressed because it was late, saucers with references to the Red Queen, the one who shouts “off her head!”.

You can also find pink flamingos that in the imagination are the sticks of a Croquet game, tea tables worthy of a mad hatter and other details that escaped from the depths of the bottomless rabbit hole into which Alicia fell.

This project began as a cultural space, although it later evolved into a cafeteria, for more than three years it has non-birthday parties to the entire Chilango neighborhood and creatively challenges the flavors of madness.

To eat in the burrow!

Its menu is divided into “Eat me” and “Drink me”, like those curious signs that Alice found in the house of the white rabbit in the story and made her grow to fill the room and then shrink.

In the first part of its history written with flavors, you find eight savory and eight sweet crepes, highlighting the White Queen: bolognese meat and gouda cheese, bathed in “white knight” sauce (bechamel) and Parmesan cheese; or Red Queen: ham, gouda cheese and cream cheese, bathed in red knight sauce (pomodoro) and Parmesan cheese.

There are others with references to other characters, such as of the caterpillar: mushrooms, epazote and gouda cheese, bathed in “false turtle” sauce (cilantro) or a Swiss crepe Hippogriff: chicken, cheese, bathed in green sauce and more gouda au gratin.

Among their sweet crepes of wonders, they prepare alice queen (white chocolate whipped cream, toasted almonds and strawberries, decorated with sugar and more white chocolate) or Jabberwocky (Nutella, “puffed” rice and “plantain”).

They include their “crown jewels”: brownie with vanilla ice cream, slices of cake for “non-birthdays”, Rabbit Cookie to accompany tea or coffee and Wonderland Cookies, made of butter and fondant with characters printed with the faces of characters.

A crazy snack

“How is a raven like a desk?” asks the Hatter. To accompany those crazy conversations, in Down The Rabbit Hole They have much more than just tea, creativity reigns here on the menu.

As nonsense is king of hearts in this place, in its “Drink me” menu there is coffee, chocolate, herbal teas and about 60 options for tea parties and crazy snacks. Anything goes and for the season they always add various concoctions such as the White Rabbit Pot Coffee, for the winter cold.

You can choose a Chocolate “like love, but real”, or a White Chocolate, the favorite of rabbits in a hurry; a simple, double, Pana, Sweet espresso, or you can ask for “they cut the express” (cut).

They have Affogato de Cheshire that guarantees a “floating smile”, or a caramel frappé that promises to be the answer to all the riddles.

Where is the cafe inspired by ‘Alice in Wonderland’?

You can find this fabulous cafeteria and creperie in Casa del Obrero Mundial 839, Alamos neighborhood, Benito Juárez mayor’s office, in Mexico City.

Don’t forget to wear your gloves and follow the white rabbit with the pocket watch on the vest.