Saturday, August 13

Football tickets now come with free NFTs

The American Football League (NFL) will be giving away tokens (NFT) to their fans in some games of the season. The first one has already taken place. It was on November 7 when the Cardinals faced the 49ers. And the next one will be on November 25, the Thanksgiving day in the United States in which the Chicago Bears will play against the Detroit Lions.

The organization confirmed there will be 17 more games to be given away through January 2022. NFL Vice President of Business Development Bobby Gallo stated, ‚ÄúTaking advantage of the emerging world of NFTs is an exciting new way for us to create additional value and to get more involved with the fans. “

Those who buy the ticket to go see the game will be able to acquire the gift NFTs and scan it on a special machine at the stadium. Only one NFT can be obtained per purchase holder in the entire championship. That is, only one is given away regardless of whether the purchase of tickets is for one person or several, as well as if it is for one game or several.

Bobby Gallo believes that there is no better time than the Christmas season to begin this experience, as it is a time to give thanks and give back. This is something that is magnified in the next game, because it falls right on Thanksgiving.

The NFTs that the American Football League gives away are virtual tickets

The American Football League digitized the game tickets in NFT format, that is, they are nothing more than commemorative virtual tickets. Your goal is that attendees can keep them as souvenirs or even sell them as collectible assets.

What’s more, The NFL will release a limited edition of tokens so fans not going to the games can buy them. These will have a value of USD 10. All of them, along with those that are given as gifts, will be available on the Ticketmaster platform.

The NFL will give away tokens to attendees of the games and will also sell a limited edition. Source: @patriotslatam /

This initiative responds to the intention announced by the American Football League to enter the cryptocurrency ecosystem. In addition to the NFT market, recently CriptoNoticias reported that the NFL announced that the final of the championship, better known by its name Super Bowl, will be sponsored by a bitcoin exchange.