Wednesday, January 19

For AEA, the agreement with the IMF is an essential prerequisite for not being left out of the world

The owner of AEA stated that “Argentina comes from many decades of very poor performance in terms of economic growth, with the consequent increase in poverty “ to later indicate that the country “has a very demanding challenge in terms of resuming a path of sustainable economic and social development.”

The entity defends the role of the private sector to guarantee “economic and social progress.” In this process, they rescue small, medium and large companies to “develop productive investments that will enable employment growth, increased exports and the establishment of economic activities.”

As is logical, the entity made up of the owners of large companies such as: Luis A. Pagani, Alberto Grimoldi Eduardo Elsztain, Alejandro Bulgheroni, Luis Pérez Companc, among others, they complained about the difficulties they have to develop “their potential.” Among the factors that they indicated, they indicated that “the full validity of the rules of the game that provide predictability to entrepreneurial actions is essential ”.

They question in particular “State interference in business decision-making”Since, indicates Jaime “It does not contribute to generating the confidence necessary for development.”

The economic problems were also questioned by the head of AEA and for this he requests “to have an orderly macroeconomy, which should be inexorably directed towards fiscal balance, a modernization of the role of the States, and a gradual reduction of its weight in the economy”.

Jaime did not stop mentioning that it is necessary “Simultaneously with the reduction of the extremely high tax pressure (tax and labor costs) borne by the formal sector of the economy.”

To achieve these objectives, the entity admits that “it is a great responsibility on all the actors, especially on the political leadership, but there will be no development without a strong commitment in this direction ”.

Finally he remarks that “To grow, our country must intelligently insert itself into the international system” and they observe that “it is being redesigned in the face of new health and geopolitical realities.”

Due to all of the above, the owners of the main companies in the country agree that “the conclusion of an agreement with the IMF is an indispensable prerequisite.

In the framework of the Annual Assembly Jaime Campos unanimously as president of the institution. They were also ratified in their positions: Luis A. Pagani and Cristiano Rattazzi as Vice Presidents, Alberto Grimoldi as Secretary, Enrique Cristofani as Treasurer, and Eduardo Elsztain, Norberto Morita, Alejandro Bulgheroni and María Luisa Macchiavelo as Members.

Luis Pérez Companc was also appointed as Vice President and regular account reviewers and Messrs. Santiago Mignone and Amadeo Vázquez respectively.

Also present were Paolo Rocca, Héctor H. Magnetto, Carlos J. Miguens, Julio C. Saguier, Federico Braun, Alberto R. Hojman, Pablo Roemmers,, Charlie Blaquier, Daniel Herrero, Mariano Bosch, Julio Figueroa, Sergio Kaufman, Teófilo Lacroze, and Aldo Roggio.