Friday, July 1

For Andalusia appeals to feminism in the campaign: “The result of 19J will depend on women”

The candidate of ‘Por Andalucía’ for the Presidency of the Board, Inma Nieto, has appealed this Saturday to the vote of feminism, which she has described as a “vaccine against inequality” that, she has promised, the regional government will apply if she wins the elections on the 19th. In a meeting with feminist groups in Córdoba, Nieto has also pointed out that the result of that day “will depend on the women”, assuring that he is confident of victory.

Nieto held a talk with around fifty women accompanied, among others, by the general coordinator of Más País Andalucía and head of the list of ‘Por Andalucía’ for the province of Seville, Esperanza Gómez, and the coordinator of Podemos Andalucía, Martina Velarde. “The result (of the elections) is going to depend on women and everything that depends on women is going to turn out well”, she has maintained in one of the city parks, with temperatures around 35 degrees.

The candidate of the confluence – which brings together IU, Podemos, Más País, Verdes-Equo, the Andalusian People’s Initiative and the Green Alliance – has stressed that feminism “is the vaccine against inequality” and that “the government of ‘ Por Andalucía’ has to deploy the Government’s feminist agenda and put that vaccine “. “There will be those who need two or three doses,” she commented in a relaxed tone, before defending that if she presides over the Board for the next four years, she will take measures to improve the working conditions of women, especially those with more precarious jobs.

He also recalled that ‘Por Andalucía’ proposes that the community have its own pact against gender violence, and in the educational aspect and to questions from several of those present, he has expressed his commitment to “create the guarantee that education improves” . In this sense, Nieto has proposed an education “inspired by republican principles.”

During the talk, one of those present has asked her, in case she stays in the opposition, to do “pedagogy” on feminism and gender violence in the Andalusian Parliament. “I am not going to contemplate scenarios that are not that the 19th is going to go well,” Nieto replied, stressing that having a different attitude would imply “going out low” to campaign. “Moreno has won these elections in no way,” she said, referring to the PP-A’s candidate for re-election, Juanma Moreno, pointing out that until a vote is taken “you don’t know what will happen.”

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