Monday, March 4

For boys and girls: fun without limits and away from the screens

“The differential of We Art with other toys is that it allows unlimited creation, it integrates and adapts to different ages, and the most important thing for us is that it integrates different generations. Children can play with friends, siblings, parents and grandparents. We are very happy with the result, it is a proposal with many materials, shapes and colors ”, he says. Estanislada Roca, founding partner of We Art.

They currently have eight different kits: Box + 600, Box + 300, Box + 100, Emotions Jar, Souvenir Box, Deco Cumple Box, Memotest Bag and Easter / Halloween / Christmas Boxes. Each presentation contains different elements: pipe cleaners, straws, sticks, sequins, eyes, wool, feathers, fabrics, glitter, among others, and is accompanied by a booklet with ideas. The values ​​range from $ 650 to $ 4100, they are sold through its e-commerce channel, also in bookstores such as Yenny-El Ateneo and Matilda, among others.

Cecilia Rizzi, founding partner of We Art explains “We started the project with three products and the great acceptance by our clients prompted us to incorporate more proposals. This is what happened with the Emotions kit, we started from an idea together with our design team and the Lic. In Psychology Paula Duran, we achieved a didactic game, which invites the children to recognize and express their emotions in a fun way, keeping the essence of We Art. ”After a year through the We Art pandemic, he thought of a product to be able to explore the emotions of the little ones, thus came the“ Emotions ”kit, where children can express joy, anger, fear, sadness and calm. 3 activities are proposed, crossed by each emotion. For example, if you are angry, you can create an anger thermometer, if you are happy you can make a jar of joy. “Our goal was to create a kit that invited us to play with our emotions through creativity and imagination. We were lucky that the product reached the hands of pediatricians, psychopedagogues, and professionals who work with children, and we not only had a great acceptance by the professionals, but also by the children who returned to the consultations and asked for this game “, Stanislada sums up.

For next year, We Art aims to start exporting to Chile and UruguayThat is why they are focused on a first stage of analysis, verifying costs and COMEX requirements. Another challenge is to incorporate new boxes with different themes to the product portfolio and also to be able to take it en masse to the interior of the country. “We have the dream that We Art is positioned as a brand of art and creativity toys. Our idea is to surprise with each launch, always with the concept of space, movement and education ”concludes Cecilia.