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For me the most innovative phone of the year is …

Who does not risk does not win. We already know which is the best phone of this 2021 that barely has a few hours left but, Which phone was the most innovative of the year? We have asked the specialized editors of Engadget about this terminal that has been pleasantly surprised by the improvements made and these have been their responses.

Javier Lacort

“Sometimes, innovating with a smartphone ends up being reduced to twisting it with functions and forms that were previously impossible to try to distinguish itself, although later that innovation does not have any path and the market does not validate it. We saw it with curved mobiles in 2014, with built-in 3D cameras …

Samsung has made its bet on folding screens, and although it is early to talk, it makes much more sense than previous proposals, they provide real value such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G (1809 euros).

If the mobile also goes becoming more and more round and imperfections are polished as with this third generation, I think we have a winner for the battle of innovation. “

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G - Mobile phone without SIM card, Android, Foldable, Smartphone, 256 GB, Black + Note Pack (Version ES)

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G – Mobile phone without SIM card, Android, Foldable, Smartphone, 256 GB, Black + Note Pack (Version ES)


Amparo Babiloni

“My perception of the mobile sector may be distorted because I talk about it almost daily, but my feeling is that we have been a few years in which few things really surprise.

The innovations we see are incremental; more power, better cameras, brighter screens, more battery … The exception to this continuous scenario is the folding and that is why my choice is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 (1059 euros).

It still has points to improve (ahem, autonomy), but as I said in the review, it is the format that has the best chance of becoming mainstream.

The format of the Fold is not comfortable (I spent a month with it and I can attest to it), but the Flip is another story and Samsung is not the only one that is betting on it.

As I write these lines, Huawei is introducing the P50 Pocket and there is also the Motorola Razr. Making the mobile smaller and not bigger is the great asset of these devicesAnd it is that folding the mobile in half has something of a return to the past, but also to the future. “

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G - Smartphone without SIM Card, Android, Foldable, 128 GB, Black Color + Wireless Charger Duo (ES Version)

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G – Smartphone without SIM Card, Android, Foldable, 128 GB, Black Color + Wireless Charger Duo (ES Version)


Enrique Perez

“Folding mobiles are an opportunity for manufacturers to be innovative. And here Samsung has the advantage. Fortunately, beyond the Fold series, the South Korean manufacturer has found the key with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 (1059 euros), its mobile shell type folding.

It seems to me a very practical format, which recovers the best of a mobile style that seemed to have disappeared and has resurrected it by taking advantage of the technology of its screens, with a gesture to open that is very comfortable and with a compact design that fits well with what many of us ask for.

It is also a great call, with the best in processor and screen. Its price is still expensive, but it is a perfect example of how folding mobiles can become practical and different. “

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3
At the

Ivan linares

“There has not been much innovation this year in the field of mobiles, brands have been more continuous than ever. Including Samsung since, beyond renewing the S range with more power, and ending the Note, it added another generation to its folding without there being a huge jump in performance.

Yes indeed, has innovated in one aspect: the price of said foldingFor me, the mobile that should win the “award” for innovation is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 (1059 euros).

Not because it is a transgressor in itself, rather because of the fact that they finally approach a more or less “accessible” line. You have to put many quotes to that adjective.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 maintains the essence of a smartphone while offers extreme containment thanks to the possibility of carrying it folded.

It is powerful, benefits it offers are of a high level, its design is exquisite And, although the wrinkle on the screen is noticeable to the touch, it is not too annoying for day to day. Being able to have this phone in the 900 euro line (taking advantage of offers) I think is enough innovation to make it stand out. “

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

Samuel Fernandez

“It cannot be said that this 2021 has been very innovative in terms of characteristics or designs, beyond the improvement of the folding that Samsung and company have offered, so I think I will bet on specific characteristics.

And there we have to mention the OPPO Find X3 Pro (899 euros) with its microlens camera with 60x magnification.

We do not know if it will have enough impact to be prolonged in time in future generations, but there is the intent and that is always commendable.

And as a last minute participant, it is fair to mention that Huawei has placed a ‘hyperspectral’ camera on board his Huawei P50 Pocket that, in the absence of seeing exactly how it works and what results it gives, deserves to sneak into this list. Even if it’s already on the horn. “

Oppo Find X3 Pro Review Xataka Portada

OPPO Find X3 Pro 5G - Pantalla 6,7" (AMOLED 120 Hz, 12GB + 256GB, Snapdragon 888, 4500 mAh battery, Quad camera 50MP + 50MP + 13MP + 3MP, fast charge 65W) Black [Versión ES/PT]

OPPO Find X3 Pro 5G – 6,7 “Screen (AMOLED 120 Hz, 12GB + 256GB, Snapdragon 888, 4500 mAh Battery, Quadruple Camera 50MP + 50MP + 13MP + 3MP, Fast Charge 65W) Black [Versión ES/PT]


Ricardo Aguilar

“For me, the most innovative phone of the year has been the OPPO Find N. It is the only folding phone that I would buy if I arrived in Spain.

Curiously they have innovated without inventions, that is to say: creating a “normal” mobile that can be deployed to be almost a tablet.

A success in my opinion far above the competition “

Ivan Ramirez


“The most innovative mobile of 2021 for me has been the Google Pixel 6 (649 euros), despite the fact that Google continues to do us the ugly of not putting it on sale in Spain until much later.

One more year, it is a mobile that passes a bit of the general trends in the rest of smartphones, starting with the curious design of their cameras.

Beyond the design, Google knows how to get the most out of the megapixels of the cameras with a magical sprinkling of artificial intelligence, which this year is accompanied by a proprietary processor and more exclusive software features never.”

Google Pixel 6 - Unlocked 5G Android Smartphone with 50 Megapixel Camera and Wide Angle Lens - 128GB - Stormy Black

Google Pixel 6 – Unlocked 5G Android Smartphone with 50 Megapixel Camera and Wide Angle Lens – 128GB – Stormy Black


Javier Pastor

“The Oppo Find N has seemed like a success in the field of folding, not only because of that hinge that makes that slight “division” mark disappear almost completely between the two screens when unfolding it, but because of its folded and unfolded size.

In fact, until now we have seen mobiles that were either too large folded and almost tablets unfolded (Fold) as too small folded and then not provide much more unfolded -Razr- and in my opinion The Oppo model has a great format to have a compact but versatile mobile when folded and with a manageable screen but very wide when unfolded.

Great iteration of an idea that continues to unfold but begins to meet expectations.”


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