Thursday, December 7

For savers: how to create an investment portfolio

From here you have to know what you want from your portfolio and if what you want is compatible with your situation, since it is not the same if you are 30 years old with your entire career ahead of you, or if you are 70 years and you want to preserve what has been done. In addition, a very important point is to take into account the tastes of each one and decide according to them. For example, if you want to be aware of the ups and downs of your investments you can choose one path, but if you prefer more peace of mind you can choose another. This is important to be comfortable and agree with your own decisions.

On the other hand, in addition to tastes, you also have to consider the knowledge you have about the different investments. You have to understand what you are doing, where you are investing and how to follow those investments, because if you do not have this basis there is a danger of falling into scams. The best thing is to always go where you feel safe.

The ideal in an investment portfolio is to generate a balance between those investments with low profitability but safe that allow one to be calm and those with higher risk that can translate into higher returns. For example, having 20% ​​ownership of Real Estate in the United States is something that will give a low but safe return and helps to stabilize the portfolio. Other riskier investments could be country bonds, stocks, and even cryptocurrencies.

The important thing then is not to go to the shortcut, that is, not to go directly to invest where it is said that there is more possibility of profit, but to evaluate risks and benefits according to your own taste and experience to build our portfolio from there.

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