Sunday, December 10

Ford F-150 Lightning Pro SSV: A Police Truck | Digital Trends Spanish

The United States police have a new member, it is an electric truck specially designed for law enforcement, the Ford F-150 Lightning Pro SSV.

The F-150 Lightning Pro SSV will have many of the same specifications, including: police-grade, heavy-duty cloth seats with reduced bolsters to help locked-in officers get in and out of the vehicle; steel intrusion plates on the front seatbacks; roof mounted LED warning beacons; reinforced upper tray of the instrument panel to facilitate the mounting of police equipment; and easy-to-clean vinyl rear seats and vinyl floors.

Ford says it’s offering a two-year subscription to police departments interested in purchasing the F-150 Lightning Pro SSV.

Ford also offers flexible financing options for cities and towns interested in purchasing electric trucks for their police departments.

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