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Ford invents a pet mode for the safety of dogs | Digital Trends Spanish

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According to the 2021-2022 National Pet Owners Survey, from the American Pet Products Association, 90.5 million households (70 percent) in the United States they have a domestic animal. Of these, 69 million have one or more dogs, which explains why more and more car manufacturers include the transport of dogs among their priorities when designing their vehicles. Because of this, Subaru launched a successful marketing campaign.

But judging by a patent application Unveiled in 2018 and made public last week, Ford plans to introduce a technological innovation aimed at in-car comfort for pets. And it is not the first procanine proposal from the manufacturer.

The patent application for “a system or method for creating a friendly environment for pets” describes a function that can be controlled from a special button on the vehicle’s electronic key or from an app, and would be directed to create an ideal and safe environment for a pet inside a parked car.

Among other actions, “pet mode” can roll down one or more windows to let in fresh air, adjust the temperature level in the cabin, open the sunroof or liftgate on crossovers, and even tilt or fold some seats to give you more space to the pet.

The request even foresees that this mode can activate the sound system for the reproduction of the animal’s favorite music, so that it can relax and enjoy the moments when it has to stay inside the vehicle.

Likewise, Ford seeks to end the current way of transporting animals. The patent application explains that “although some pet owners simply put the animal in a cage in the back of a vehicle, others want to provide better conditions.” Ford’s pet mode seeks to facilitate the process necessary to provide those conditions that, due to the multiple operations involved (for example, lowering the windows, manually tilting the rear seats, turning on the sound system), can be cumbersome and complicated.

The application also posits that the system could have an RFID (radio frequency identification) sensor to communicate with a tag attached to the pet’s collar, or could use some other mode of detection to check if an animal is inside the vehicle.

Likewise, four Mexicans are named as the inventors of the system: Francisco Ferreira, Luis Flores Alonso, Itzel Garrido and Luis Becerril.

There is still no way of knowing when or on which Ford model the pet mode will be released, but there is no doubt that it is an interesting and beneficial method that many people, in especially dog ​​owners, will appreciate.

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