Friday, December 3

Ford revives a 1978 truck with a 100% electric motor of almost 500 horses

The Ford F-100 was one of the company’s most iconic vehicles. It was sold between 1948 and 1981, with seven generations that were varying in design and engines.

Now, the sixth generation of 1978 is revived as a 100% electric vehicle, an interesting concept that Ford has created for the American market. 480 horsepower, the Mustang Match-E engine and an aesthetic faithful to that of the original model.

Ford revives the classic F-100

The 1978 F-100 corresponds to the sixth generation, with the arrival of square instead of round headlights and a huge eight-cylinder V-engine. Ford has been based on this generation, respecting the original design, but completely changing the engine and interiors.

This truck mounts the same engine as the electric Mustang in its high-performance version

This truck inherits the engine from the Ford Mustang Match-E in its Performance Edition version, which in this case reaches 480 horses. The vehicle is part of Ford’s high-performance electrics, such as the Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 and the GT Performance.

All Electric Ford F 100 Eluminator Concept Truck 11

The interior has been redesigned according to what is expected in 2021

“Our F-100 Eluminator concept is a preview of how we are supporting customers as they go fully electric and embrace emissions performance without tailpipe, even for our heritage vehicles.”

Ford claims this F100 is a taste of the “future of custom electric cars.” The chassis of the vehicle has been totally redesigned to support the new parts and engine, specific rims have been created for it, it mounts 275 / 45-19 Michelin tires and the dashboard is made of aluminum, among others.

The company has put the engine of this vehicle up for sale for $ 3,900, so that the owners of the F100 can purchase it and electrify their truck.

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