Friday, January 28

Ford surpasses pre-pandemic stage in daily production

The amount is destined to the integral modernization of the industrial center, where it plans to produce the next generation of Ranger in 2023 that will be sent to all its clients in Latin America, and whose works began at the beginning of the year.

“This unprecedented plan that includes from the comprehensive transformation of the Pacheco Plant to a significant investment in the development of local auto parts”, The company highlighted by framing the works in the celebrations for the 60 years of the industrial center.

Ford It also revealed that the demand for Ranger in the domestic market increased as did exports, and indicated that the Pacheco plant “registers daily production volumes 35% higher than pre-ndemic levels, a significant increase that led to the incorporation of more of 500 new collaborators between 2020 and this year “.

“This modernization will allow the manufacture of global products through world-class processes and technologies that will lead the industrial center towards Manufacturing 4.0, with even higher standards of quality, efficiency and a lower impact on the environment, making it one of the automotive plants most modern and competitive in the region, “he assured.

In this first stage of transformation, a new line of high-speed presses was installed in the stamping sector, while new automatic cells were incorporated in the bodywork area, as well as welding and handling robots.

Likewise, the company affirmed, a new line for the engine dress-up process was installed at the assembly plant and the necessary work was carried out for the future chassis line.

Ceilings, floors, the revitalization of the lighting system with LED technology and the complete renovation of the compressed air equipment were also added.