Thursday, September 16

Foreign correspondents reward Plácido Domingo one year after accusations of harassment

The ACPE awards the Culture Award to Plácido Domingo for his “immense professional career”. The tenor, accused of harassment by a score of women just a year ago, will receive recognition for being “acclaimed by the public on stages around the world.”

Plácido Domingo, accused of harassment by a score of women, will receive an award in Austria for his “exceptional career”

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In February 2020, an investigation by the American Guild of Music Artists (AGMA), the opera union in the United States, collected testimonies from more than twenty people who said they were victims of harassment or inappropriate behavior by the tenor when he was in the direction of the Washington National Opera and the Los Angeles National Opera. In its investigation, the AGMA concluded that the tenor had abused his position of power.

After the scandal, the conductor also asked for forgiveness it’s a statement to the women who accused him of sexual harassment for “the pain” he caused them, assuring that he accepted “all responsibility” for the actions denounced.

On August 6 of the same year, the Spanish tenor was honored in Salzburg (Austria) with a prize for his “influential” and “exceptional” career at the Austrian Musical Theater Awards ceremony. The jury for that award was also made up of journalists.

A year later, he received the “Bellini d’Oro” at the Greek Theater in Taormina (Sicily), together with the Italian baritone Leo Nucci. Another recognition of his career, which was added to his appointment as Honorary Ambassador of the World Heritage of Spain, granted by the Association for the Diffusion and Promotion of World Heritage of Spain (ADIPROPE), for his “knowledge and work so that this collection is meet around the world. ” Around the same time, Plácido Domingo took to the stage of the Starlite festival in Marbella, to sing the version of the Spanish anthem by Marta Sánchez with her.

The ACPE awards ceremony will take place on September 8 in the framework of the Cecilio Rodríguez Gardens, as in previous years, with the presence of prominent personalities from the world of politics, sports, culture, tourism and, of course, journalism. The award to Plácido Domingo will not be the only one to be awarded: the journalists’ association has also awarded the Sports Award to Pau Gasol, the Tourism Award to the Historic and Unique Parks of Madrid, and the Journalism Award to the presenter Susanna Griso.

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