Sunday, August 7

Forest firefighters rescue a roe deer fleeing from the Zamora fire

Forest firefighters have rescued a roe deer fleeing from the Zamora fire. The ELIF Zulú 2 team saved a roe deer this Thursday from the Losacio fire, which has affected 36,000 hectares according to initial estimates. The firefighting professionals wet and gave the roe deer a drink, which was dehydrated by the fire and heat.

This is how the Junta de Castilla y León initially reported, which several forest firefighters have echoed through social networks. According to the unofficial account of Forest Fires of Castilla y León, the roe deer was sent to the Recovery Center (CRAS), where it was treated by veterinarians. “The Environmental Guards in “El Casal” are going to take care of its recovery,” he says on Twitter.

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