Tuesday, July 5

Forget the noise and manage

The best analysis of the political situation and the best strategy to follow for the remaining two long years of the legislature was set, as it is not uncommon, the PNV spokesman, Aitor Esteban, in his speech in the plenary session of the Congress of the Deputies of last June 30, summoned for the explanation by the President of the Government of the pardons granted to the condemned of the procés and the fixation of their position with respect to them by the different parliamentary groups. “Forget the noise and manage … There is a majority that supported the investiture with which you can work.”

The noise will not diminish, quite the opposite. It began before the inauguration, as the reader no doubt remembers. And it has been on the rise ever since. For any reason: the management of the pandemic, the declaration and extension of states of alarm or pardons. And with the very prominent participation of the General Council of the Judiciary, the Court of Accounts and the Courts of Justice in the most diverse matters: Forged Rocío Monasterio certificate, Vox electoral poster on the Mena. Nothing allows us to hope that the performance of the Court of Accounts and of certain judges and magistrates will be different from that of recent months.

The government can do nothing to prevent it. And if he tries to do so, the volume of the noise will become thunderous, as the media of the Spanish right will see to it that it is. The only thing the Government can do is to forget the shouting and govern with the parliamentary majority of the investiture, which has demonstrated its consistency both in the approval of the bills submitted by the Government so far and in the rejection of all motions. presented by the rights, the last of which has been, precisely, the motion on pardons.

There is a majority of the Government and you have to make use of it. It must be used immediately to regain the validity of the principle of “budgetary annuity” in disuse since 2016. If the Minister of Finance manages to deposit on September 30 the Draft Law of General State Budgets for 2022, in order to Before the Congress first and the Senate later can debate and approve them before December 31, one of the biggest deviations in the functioning of the Spanish political system since the elections of December 20, 2015 will have been put to an end.

The presentation and approval of the General State Budgets in accordance with the calendar foreseen in the Constitution would be the unequivocal sign of recovery of normality. The “budgetary power” is the second of the parliamentary functions that the Constitution contemplates in article 66.2. First the “legislative power”. Then the “budgetary authority”. Since December 2015, the Cortes Generales have not exercised either of the two normally. Government legislation, the decree-law, has replaced the parliamentary law. And either the General State Budgets have not been approved or those that have been approved have been in violation of the constitutional calendar for their approval.

In this “first” legislature proper of Pedro Sánchez, the exercise of legislative power has been recovered by the Cortes Generales and, if the Budgets are presented in September, the exercise of budgetary power as required by the Constitution will have been recovered.

Given our anomalous parliamentary life in the last five years, the presentation in time and form of the General Budget Bill will allow the parliamentary discussion of the same in the way in which it should be done. The entire debate on the admission for processing accompanied by the debate on the amendments to the totality with a request for refund that will undoubtedly be presented by various parliamentary groups will be the equivalent of the “debate on the state of the nation”, which Pablo has just claimed. Married. Not to hold a debate, but to keep making noise.

At the height of the year in which we find ourselves, there is no way to make a serious and rigorous debate other than through a debate on a government project, which is what the General State Budget Bill represents.

Mr. President of the Government, forget about the noise and concentrate on the Budgets. In their approval is the key to the governance of the country in the remainder of the legislature. In the debate, it will be possible to verify whether PP and Vox are the bearers of a government program for the country or are simply noise-making machines.

Make laws and approve Budgets. This is what needs to be done. And there is a parliamentary majority to do so. Let the others make whatever noise they see fit. Have confidence in the citizens.