Saturday, September 18

Former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani is in the United Arab Emirates



The former president of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani and his family are in the United Arab Emirates after his flight from the country after the Taliban victory, the official WAM agency announced on Wednesday, citing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of this Gulf country, which used “humanitarian reasons.”

Ghani had declared last Sunday, shortly after leaving the country, that he was leaving it to avoid a “bloodbath”, while acknowledging that “the Taliban won.”

At first there was speculation with various countries as the destination of Ghani, from neighbors of Afghanistan such as Tajikistan Y Uzbekistan a Oman or the United Arab Emirates, which has finally confirmed that it is there.

The country recognized the previous Taliban government

The Emirates, along with Saudi Arabia Y Pakistan, recognized the previous Taliban government, from 1996 to 2001, reports France Press.

The former president declared that he was convinced that if he had stayed in Afghanistan, “unnameable patriots would die and that Kabul would be destroyed.” “The Taliban won by arms and are now responsible for the honor, control and preservation of the country,” he added in a message on Facebook.

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