Wednesday, October 20

Former Andalusian leaders of Vox register Spain Suma as a party and snatch the brand from the PP-Cs coalition

A year after the Popular Party tried to bring together the center-right, counting on Ciudadanos, under the brand name of Spain Sum, in order to stop the emergence of Vox, this name reappears, but with other protagonists. If then it was Pablo Casado the one who wanted to stop the feet of those of Santiago Abascal, now they are ex-positions of the formation of extreme right those who have decided to do it. As a result of the internal tensions that Vox is experiencing at the territorial level, former leaders and affiliates have just registered a new party with the name of Spain Sum.

Training, with a national vocation, is born in a specific context. Just when the formation led by Santiago Abascal has just lost a motion of censure in which the figure of Casado was reinforced and when scandals occur at the territorial level due to the local primary process that has resulted in clashes between the militants and the national address. It is precisely these disputes that have ended up shaping an idea that has only a short time to live.

As has learned, the birth of Spain Suma began just two months ago. At the end of September, the decision was made to found a new party that was entered in the registry of the Ministry of the Interior on November 19. According to the data in this registry, the president of the training is Jose Manuel Martinez Ayala, a politician with more than 20,000 followers on Facebook and who precisely two months ago made the news for charging against Vox and announcing his departure from the party of which he is a councilor in Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz), although he exercises for free.

This medium has contacted sources close to the new party and with the leader of Spain Suma himself. Ayala confirms that the training has already been presented and that more details will be given in the coming weeks. In statements to, the retired politician and civil guard advances that “next December 6 we will make ourselves known on social networks. We believe that Constitution Day is a good day for people to get to know us. ”

He himself assures that the decision to create España Suma “was taken in a cafeteria in a chat between friends”. At that meeting, as this media has learned, there was Judge Francisco Serrano, former parliamentarian and spokesman for Vox in the Andalusian Parliament. Serrano, who is being investigated for an alleged fraud to the Treasury of 2.5 million euros, is in the germ of the party, but will not participate in it until his legal problems are resolved. Something that will not happen, at least, until February, according to party sources. However, Serrano affirms to this medium that right now he is not in training because he does not “want to participate in any political project. They have proposed it to me in several and I have rejected it.”

Star transfer policy

Spain Suma, which has its headquarters very close to Paseo de la Castellana and Nuevos Ministerios in Madrid, has a roadmap to define its structure completely in the next two months. “Now I am president due to the circumstances, but I will not be the one to manage the party,” says Ayala. The leader of Spain Suma clarifies that the presidency and the vice-presidents (four) will meet at the end of January, the date for which all territorial structures are scheduled to have been announced.

Internal sources of the formation affirm that it is working in closing incorporations “well known” by the society. Ayala himself calls them “star signings” and claims to have entered into negotiations with relevant names in the country’s culture and politics. “We want people who know how to manage and have a track record,” says the party president. In this regard, internal voices of the formation advance conversations with the PP deputy and spokesman for the popular in the Congress of Deputies until August, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo.

The policy fits within the profile that this new party seeks for having been very critical of the PP after being dismissed as popular spokesperson. “We have contact with many politicians who are elected officials and who are tired of their parties. From the European Parliament to councilors,” says Martínez Ayala. Consulted sources assure that Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo is in the shortlist to be president of the party, although Álvarez de Toledo herself, in response to, qualifies that possibility as “Science fiction”. However, from the party they maintain that “there will be a president”.

“Transversal” policy

Created with “90% of people from Vox”, according to Martínez Ayala, the new political party intends to define itself as “transversal”. Its president alleges that they flee from “the usual labels, because we believe they are lies.” He assures that in his formation there is room for “all kinds of ideologies, as long as they are honest people.” And although their official registration was formalized just a few days ago, they already have about half a thousand militants, among them, Ayala says, “people from even the United Left.” In addition, according to their words, the star measure they propose as a party is to offer open lists for the election of positions of institutional representation.

“Those of us who come from Vox do it because we were part of the original Vox and not now, which has totally changed as soon as it came to power,” says the president. “We do not care if it costs us to remove the label of the extreme right, because we are not and in the coming months it will be seen.” According to Martínez Ayala, “we are not the same as Vox because we have ideas that share many ideologies. We defend sexual freedom and we are not against homosexuals, for example.” In Spain Suma also want to reform the Constitution, but they understand that right now is not the best time. They say they are not against the autonomies, but they affirm that they want “for Health or Education to be centralized, to put an end to the beach bars”.

“If in 8 years this party is useless, it will dissolve, because those of us who are here do not need to make a living from politics, what we want is to change things,” says the president. Martínez Ayala affirms that it is he who is building the territorial structures throughout the country, “talking to people we have in every corner.” The leader boasts of “knowing a lot of people who are willing to join.” At the same time he affirms that “where we are having the most problems to make the game is in Galicia, the Basque Country and Catalonia, but not because we have no one, but because we are not convinced by those who offer us.”

From Spain Suma they intend to get away from Vox arguing that they give room to anyone who is interested in taking part, especially because they argue that many people have fled the far-right formation because it has become a “dictatorship”. Following this thread, Martínez Ayala affirms that in the next few months they will give rise to talk because “we know that there are elected officials who want to come with us and that in some parliaments they may move to the mixed group. He considers that they will be necessary because it is a crucial moment “to fix Spain.”