Tuesday, January 18

Former chairman of the Botafogo Supervisory Board is accused of coup with cryptocurrencies

The Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro (PC-RJ) has yet another possible blow with the image of cryptocurrencies to investigate, this time promoted by the ex-president of the Supervisory Board of the Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas club.

Until 2019, Ricardo Wagner de Almeira was one of the club’s employees, according to information released by FogãoNet, he resigned from the position after a general confusion during a game between Botafogo and Cruzeiro in the Brazilian Championship.

But in 2020 he would have created a company based in a building in Rio de Janeiro, which is now accused of defaulting on investors.

Former chairman of the Botafogo Supervisory Board is accused of promoting a coup with cryptocurrencies

In 2020, the company Futura Invest operated in the Rio de Janeiro market promoting a possible scheme with the image of cryptocurrencies.

Promising large profits in market operations, this company raised around 6 million, according to a investigation by the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro on the case. Not all customers have been identified so far, but Ricardo has been accused of being on the run after the problems started.

He recently participated in a match at Nilton Santos Stadium, in celebration of Christmas Solidarity, alongside stars such as Túlio Maravilha, Loco Abreu, among other idols in the crowd.

Fur Complain here, the company has already received some customer complaints and has been present on the platform for over a year. No response was given to customers by that platform, as well as others who tried to contact the former Botafogo member who was no longer found.

According to information released by Bom Dia Brasil, on Rede Globo, an inquiry should be opened to investigate customer complaints about the possible coup.

What are financial pyramids and how to avoid falling into one?

The so-called financial pyramids are schemes that usually appear on the market with many promises of income that are not common in the market. It is common for schemes to offer 10% a month, or any other percentage above that in a fixed period of time, a situation that should already raise the alert in investors.

Also, it is important that new members are invited to join the scheme, as the duration of the pyramid depends on the entry of new people. Anyway, at some point the entries make the scheme unsustainable, at which point the late payments start.

In Brazil, this scheme is considered a crime against popular economy and its investigation is under the responsibility of the State Public Ministry. In relation to Futura Invest, PC-RJ should still ask the MP to open an inquiry, to investigate the suspicions that fall on the business.


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