Thursday, July 7

Former Commons Speaker John Bercow abandons the ‘Tories’ and joins Labor ranks

London Correspondent



“Reactionary, populist, nationalist, and sometimes even xenophobic.” With these harsh words, the former Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, described the Conservative Party, to which he dedicated most of his life, at least until now, since this weekend announced that he will now join the Labor Party. His voice, shouting “order! Order! ”, Was the most listened to for a decade in the British Parliament, until his role as ‘Speaker’ came to an end on October 31, 2019, after having resigned a month before since he wanted, as he said, to pass more time with your family.

Recognized as one of the most iconic figures on the UK political scene, he has never minded. As controversial as it is charismatic, He was denounced for alleged harassment of the staff with whom he had a relationship and during the last legislatures in which he served, Brexit was his great workhorse, which confronted him, among others, with Theresa May. Now, more than a year and a half after his departure, he has returned to the center of attention thanks to an interview with the newspaper ‘The Observer’ in which he declared that his decision to join Labor, a party of which he is a member his wife Sally, it is due not only to the fact that she shares values ​​such as “support for equality” and “social justice”, but also because “it is the only means” to remove the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, of whom he said that he is “a lousy ruler” who lacks “a vision of a more equitable society, a thirst for social mobility, or a passion to improve people less fortunate than him.” On the contrary, he called Labor Party member Keir Starmer “decent, honorable and intelligent” although he qualified, in a condescending tone, that “he may not be Bill Clinton or Barack Obama.”

“I think there are more and more people fed up with lies, fed up with empty slogans,” he said, adding that, therefore, “the conclusion I have come to is that this government needs to be replaced. The truth is that the Labor Party is the only vehicle that can achieve that goal. There is no other credible option, “he said, despite confessing that he was once a” rabid right-wing, “and that with only 17 years he gave himself fully to the work of the Tories.

This politician, who describes himself as “pompous and irritating” as well as “completely authentic”, considers that the people “are disappointed by what this government has done” and considers that the Executive’s treatment of Parliament is “a shame” . “There is growing, extensive and incontrovertible evidence that the government is disrespecting parliament, that it is telling falsehoods to parliament and that it is eluding parliament. That is wrong. Point”.

The reactions to the announcement are not noteworthy, except for some opinion columns in the local press, while the parties involved in the controversy have not made a special echo, since for the conservatives it has not been a surprise, and neither for the Labor it is a joy, considering the amount of detractors that the politician has.

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