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Former Employee Sues PlayStation for Gender Discrimination | Digital Trends Spanish

A new case of gender issues affects the video game industry. This time, it is a lawsuit against Sony Interactive Entertainment for gender discrimination and wrongful termination of a former security analyst from the PlayStation division.

The demand was put by Emma Majo, who assures that the company discriminate against women on issues such as salaries or promotions within Sony. And not only that, but they are also victims of a culture within Sony in which male employees predominate and are favored.

Majo also indicates in the lawsuit that she was discriminated against for being a woman, which cost her not only a promotion but also having been demoted within the hierarchy. And that his dismissal occurred after having claimed against what happened, in what he also considered unfair and that it only happened because of his gender.

The former Sony employee is seeking that the lawsuit is not individual, but becomes a collective lawsuit on behalf of other female workers who have suffered similar situations.

Beyond the final result of this lawsuit, it occurs at a delicate moment due to what is happening at Activision Blizzard, which has been greatly affected by a wave of complaints that affect the company in a transversal way. These complaints have affected both employees of its internal studies and the CEO of the company, Bobby Kotick, who has even been willing to step aside.

In the case of Sony, the situation can also be complicated and even more so when Jim Ryan, chief executive officer in charge of PlayStation, has expressed that they look with concern at what is happening at Activision Blizzard, in addition to declaring that such situations are unacceptable.

The lawsuit against Sony Interactive Entertainment was filed in a California district court and is sure to cause some buzz within the video game industry, regardless of how it ends.

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