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Former Employee Warns About How Dangerous Facebook Is | Digital Trends Spanish

A few weeks ago, an investigation by The Wall Street Journal published a series of internal Facebook documents that showed the company’s concern about the impact of Instagram on the adolescent public.

The company, in fact, came to consider that this social network of which it owns, is toxic for adolescents because it made them feel bad about their body image.

The person in charge of filtering these internal documents to the medium was Frances Haugen, who for years served as Product Manager in Facebook’s Civil Integrity team.

Frances Haugen during her interview with the program 60 Minutes.

Haugen resigned from the company in April 2021 and asked for help from a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting people who report companies or institutions suspected of illegal activity.

Now, in an interview with the 60 Minutes program, the former employee told more about the internal workings of the platform and showed the damage that the company can cause to its users.

“What I want people to know is that Facebook is much more dangerous than people think, and it is getting worse,” he said during the interview.

According to Haugen, one of the biggest problems was the company’s desire to put its profits above the well-being of users.

“There was a conflict between what was good for the public and what was good for Facebook and Facebook chose time and time again to optimize for its own interests, like making more money.”

Hate speech

According to the 37-year-old professional, the root of the problem arose with the algorithms deployed in 2018. According to the woman, they are designed to encourage engagement and the company has discovered that the best engagement is the one that causes fear and hatred in users .

“It is easier to inspire people to anger than other emotions.”

Finally, Haugen said that he had worked on other social networks before landing on Facebook, such as Google and Pinterest. However, he assures that what he had to live in the company of Mark Zuckerberg is much more serious.

“I have already seen many social networks and what I have seen on Facebook is substantially worse than anything I have seen before ”.

At the end of the interview, Frances Haugen called for greater regulation of social networks, especially Facebook.

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