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Former Fukushima Traders Suffer Huge Economic Punishment | Digital Trends Spanish

A Tokyo court ordered this Wednesday, July 13, the former executives of the operator of the devastated Fukushima nuclear plant pay 13.32 trillion yen ($97 billion) for failing to prevent the disaster, the plaintiffs said.

Four former heads of the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) have been ordered to pay damages in a lawsuit brought by shareholders over the nuclear disaster triggered by a massive tsunami in 2011.

Lawyers for the plaintiffs praised the ruling, saying they believed it was the largest amount of compensation ever awarded in a civil suit in Japan.

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“Nuclear power plants can cause irreparable damage to human lives and the environment,” the plaintiffs said in a separate statement after the ruling.

“The executives of the companies that operate such nuclear plants have an enormous responsibility, which cannot be compared with that of other companies.”

Shareholders argued that the disaster could have been prevented if TEPCO bosses had listened to the investigation and carried out preventative measures such as placing an emergency power source on higher ground.

Hiroyuki Kawai, a lawyer representing the plaintiffs, called the decision “historic.”

“We realize that 13 trillion yen is well beyond their ability to pay,” he told reporters, adding that the plaintiffs expect the men to pay as much as their assets allow.

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