Tuesday, November 30

Former Madrid councilor Alberto Reyero and two former deputies leave Ciudadanos

The trickle of Citizen leaders who drop out of training in Madrid does not stop. As elDiario.es has learned, the former Minister of Social Policies of the Community of Madrid, Alberto Reyero; the number two of the list of the formation to the Assembly of Madrid for the elections of May 4, Esther Ruiz; and the exporter of Cs in the Senate, Tomás Marcos, have withdrawn as militants of the formation chaired by Inés Arrimadas in recent weeks. The three were no longer in active politics and now they are also erased from Ciudadanos to take other paths.

Specifically, Reyero, Ruiz and Marcos leave the party membership to launch a business project “of a social nature,” they explain, under the name EMPATÍA. “It is the first public affairs consultancy specialized in the social action sector in Spain,” they add.

The departure from active politics of these three leaders occurs months after the May 4 elections in which Ciudadanos did not obtain representation. On the list led by the spokesperson in Congress Edmundo Bal, both Esther Ruiz were integrated as number two and Tomás Marcos in position nine. Reyero was not in the Citizens’ candidacy on May 4 despite having held a portfolio in the first government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, from which he resigned due to his discrepancies in the management of the residences. With these casualties, Ciudadanos loses its most progressive sector in Madrid.

After those elections in which the Arrimadas formation did not obtain any seats, the three former leaders of Ciudadanos have been working on the preparation of their new business project. “We are not planning to continue in party politics at this time. We will continue to be related to politics, but from another place, helping social entities achieve their objectives and increase their political weight within public policies. Now we are very excited about a a project that does not exist in Spain and that we hope will provide true added value to third sector entities “, they have declared in conversation with this editorial staff.

Alberto Reyero resigned as counselor for Social Policies of the coalition government of PP and Citizens chaired by Ayuso on October 2, 2020. He thus left his position at the head of the council that most controversially starred during the first wave of the pandemic due to the crisis of the residences in which more than 6,000 elderly people died in just two months.

During the months prior to his resignation, the former councilor challenged the official speech of the Madrid president and publicly denounced the protocols of the Ministry of Health that denied the referral of the elderly from nursing homes to hospitals during the worst moment of the pandemic. Reyero, in a commission in the Madrid Assembly, described them as not very moral and possibly illegal and said that he was “radically against” these criteria reflected in several orders that rejected the admission to hospitals of certain users of nursing homes. greater.


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