Wednesday, July 6

Former minister Vendrell boasted of the Tsunami blockade on the AP-7: “I thought it was impossible and we mounted it”

The investigation started in Barcelona on the leaders behind the procés and their eventual leadership of Tsunami Democràtic is already in the National Court. Several reports made by the Civil Guard for the Voloh case have reached the central investigating court 6 of the special court, the macrocause that is being followed by a court in the Catalan capital and of which Tsunami was one of its legs. Dozens of hours of recordings and conversations with which the Armed Institute intends to support the accusation against former ERC minister Xavier Vendrell, former Convergència politician David Madí, businessman Oriol Soler and four other people.

In a report, dated June 1, the Civil Guard compiles the evidence that it has been able to analyze so far. The most compromising conversations are from Vendrell, whom the Armed Institute points out as one of the “organizers” of the Tsunami actions, the platform without spokesmen or public leaders that promoted the blocking of access to the Airport, the 24-hour cut of the AP-7 motorway on the Spanish-French border or the throwing of balls in the classic at the Camp Nou after the judgment of the procés in 2019. Now it remains inactive.

“I also thought it was impossible to set up a stage in the middle of the highway and we set it up,” Vendrell told an interlocutor that the Civil Guard called unknown on December 18, 2019, a week after the AP-7 blockade. The action on the highway has led to the imputation of almost 200 grassroots pro-independence activists who responded to the Tsunami call. Vendrell is still pending to give a statement at the National Court, which has taken up the case a few days ago.

The Tsunami Democràtic was one of the pieces of the Voloh case, the macrocause that Judge Joaquín Aguirre is investigating and which deals with the possible Russian influence in the events of October 2017, the financing of the procés and the most recent corruption of its leaders in the shadow, like Vendrell himself. The case arose from a case of corruption of Convergència in the Barcelona Provincial Council opened in 2016, but they acquired an international dimension as a result of the searches and the arrest of the former head of international relations of the party Víctor Terradellas. From the annotations and telephone punctures to Terradellas, the judge intervened Vendrell and Madí’s telephones and ordered to place microphones in their cars.

The Civil Guard considers that Vendrell was behind the protests called on the day of reflection of the general elections of November 2019, since in one of the intervened conversations he told his interlocutor “I will send people” in addition to spreading messages. The agents also point out that Vendrell “not only participates in the Tsunami movement but also gives instructions on the movements to be carried out, insisting that it should not focus only on Barcelona.”

In the same conversation in which he brags about the action on the AP-7, Vendrell seems to plan a protest at the Camp Nou in December 2019 that finally failed to make visible the imprisonment of the procés leaders and ended with altercations with the Mossos in the vicinity of the stadium. “We can distribute a few inflatable balls at the entrances to get dizzy, to hook them and such to mislead […] Meanwhile we will have already put in what we have to put in, “Vendrell tells an unidentified interlocutor. The throwing of yellow plastic balls on the grass and the display of banners by the fans was finally the only action of the night, that the Tsunami itself recognized that it had not been successful.

In the talk, Vendrell complains about the lack of coordination between the different participating groups. “Whore indiscipline of the fucking ‘cupaires’ (CUP), uh macho …”, laments Vendrell, who assures that he would try to speak with someone who had ancestry about “Poeta Foix” (whom the Civil Guard could not identify) to try put order, although he recognized that he was nobody to order someone to say “to the asshole to do this, period.”

The Civil Guard points out that one of the actions that Vendrell planned for the game at the Camp Nou was the deployment of drones on the pitch. “The system of inhibition of drones available to the stadium prevented the success of the attempt,” say the agents in the report, in which they add that the action was also aborted thanks to the security device deployed by the Civil Guard “in collaboration “with Barça” to prevent any Tsunami action tending to endanger security and public order “.

As in other previous reports sent to the judge, the armed institute also sees “significant” that Vendrell assured that he had “saved the ass” to the then Minister of the Interior Miquel Buch, after the criticisms of the then president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, by the charges of the Mossos d’Esquadra to independentistas in the disturbances after the condemnation of the procés leadership.

“The fact that two people who did not hold public office, David Madí (the former CDC leader also investigated in the case) and Vendrell, met at the time they did with the Minister of the Interior and his secretary general, Brauli Duart It could mean that they were transferring some type of advice or agreement reached by the most relevant pro-independence political formations, ERC and Junts, and that would allow Miquel Buch to maintain the position of councilor “, points out the Civil Guard.