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Former OnlyFans Employees Have Access To User Data | Digital Trends Spanish

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In a fact that seriously violates the rights to data privacy, an investigation revealed by Motherboard reports that several former employees of OnlyFans they still have access to user and model accounts, with a lot of private customer information.

This would have been caused by the valid login that several former platform workers still have to the Zendesk software, which precisely works with profile management.

As revealed by Motherboard, these accesses give information about “the support tickets can contain the information of your credit card, driver’s licenses, passports, full names, addresses, bank statements, how much they have earned in OnlyFans or spent, Know Your Customer (KYC) selfies where the creator holds an ID next to their face for verification, and model release forms. “


The matter is potentially serious, since it is relevant data from the private lives of users, a large majority of sex workers, who used OnlyFans to earn money especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When one creates a user account in OnlyFans, from the application support it is emphasized with great insistence that the verification process is strictly confidential and this information is not shared with anyone.

For now the company has not wanted to officially refer to the issue.

“It’s a shame that they have this great company and feel that they can play with people’s lives in this way,” said a former employee required by the report.

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