Wednesday, July 6

Former police officer Eric Adams leads Democratic primary election for Mayor of New York

The president of the New York borough of Brooklyn, Eric Adams, took a giant step to become the Democratic Party candidate for Mayor of New York after being the most voted candidate as first choice according to the preliminary results of the primary elections held on Tuesday, who released a multi-choice system.

Andrew Yang, the millionaire who defends universal basic income and now aspires to be the new mayor of New York

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With 84% of the ballots counted, ex-cop Adams leads the count after 31.7% of Democratic voters have chosen him as the preferred candidate, under the new system where voters could choose up to five candidates per order of preference, informs the New York Times.

In second place is Maya Wiley (22.3%), former adviser to current Mayor Bill de Blasio, and candidate of the most progressive wing of the Democratic Party, followed closely by the former director of the Department of Sanitation, Kathryn García (19.5 %). In theory, both still have a chance to win the ballot if they have been chosen as second choice many more times than Adams.

With the new system, as no candidate has obtained more than 50% of the support, now the person with the fewest votes must be eliminated – in this case the unknown Isaac Wright – and then their votes must be distributed among the rest of the opponents . And so it continues successively until one of the contestants adds more than half of the support.

However, the process of eliminating candidates will not be activated until June 29 and the Electoral Board has warned that the final results may not be known until July 12.

Entrepreneur Andrew Yang, who in polls ranked him behind Adams, has finished fourth with almost no chance of victory. Yang and Kathryn García teamed up in the final stretch of the campaign, so if one of the two is eliminated, the other could benefit from the voters choosing him as a second option.

Adams: “I’m going to become the mayor of New York”

Eric Adams has presented himself to his followers as the virtual winner, but has warned that we must wait for the final results. “We know that there are going to be two, three and four counts, we know it, but we also know what New York has said, our first choice is Eric,” he said.

Amid the shouts of his followers, who packed a Brooklyn borough nightclub rented as a general camp on election night, Adams gave a half-hour speech in which he promised to rebuild the city, fight violence, end racist attacks and bring New Yorkers back together.

“We are about to get the keys to the prosperity of our city. We are here and I tell you, brothers and sisters: I know what it is to be abandoned by the city you love and feel betrayed by the promise,” he said surrounded by representatives of various communities that have supported him during the campaign.

Likewise, as he has already repeated on several occasions, he has insisted that his career began as a child, on the floor of a police station after being beaten by some policemen, and has said: “And now I am going to become the mayor of Nueva York “.

For the Republican Party, where only two opponents appeared, Curtis Sliwa, the father of the Guardian Angels urban patrols, has clearly prevailed against Fernando Mateo, director and founder of the New York Taxi Drivers Federation. Silwa will face the Democratic candidate in the elections scheduled for November 2, which all pools indicate that they will lean in favor of the Democratic Party, given the weight of the progressive electorate in the city.