Friday, July 1

Former South African President Zuma surrenders to serve prison for contempt

Former South African president Jacob Zuma went to surrender to the Police late this Wednesday, minutes before the deadline imposed by the Justice for his arrest expired after being sentenced to 15 months in jail for contempt, for having refused to testify for corruption.

“President Zuma has decided to comply with the incarceration order. He is on his way to surrender himself to a prison services center in (the province of) KwaZulu-Natal,” the Jacob Zuma Foundation confirmed in a brief statement, minutes after a broad convoy of vehicles left the residence of the former head of state.

Zuma, 79, had been sentenced on June 29 by the country’s Constitutional Court to 15 months in prison for repeatedly refusing to comply with court orders that forced him to testify before an official commission that investigates the alleged corruption that occurred during his presidency. (2009-2018).