Friday, October 7

Former students of La Salle Montcada and Linares: “We do not understand why the institution did not protect the victims”

More students from La Salle Montcada, from the time when the abuser Jesús Linares taught, have decided to raise their voices after learning that this brother sexually harassed several female students in that concerted center. In a joint letter, written by a group that studied BUP between 1995 and 1997, they accuse the center’s management of having put their “emotional and physical integrity” at risk by being aware of their practices, by at least one student of the time, and having kept him in contact with minors.

The priest who raped Palomas continued with the abuse in another school: “He grabbed my breasts hard and I couldn’t react”

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“We do not understand that an institution that receives such serious information about one of its teachers, does not take measures with the aim of protecting and defending its victims and allows an aggressor to continue teaching,” they lament in the letter. They refer to the young woman who, between 1995 and 1996, together with her father, explained to the management at the time that she had been touched and groped by brother Linares in an empty classroom.

The investigation has collected at least eight testimonies of the abuse and harassment perpetrated by Linares in the center. “The invasive and intolerable behaviors that we suffer as his students are just the tip of a huge and terrible iceberg,” say the former students. In their case, they were between 14 and 16 years old when they had him as a language teacher.

The reason for their letter, they allege, is “to embrace and accompany the extremely painful testimony of Alejandro Palomas”, the writer who revealed on January 26 that he was raped at the hands of Linares in La Salle Premià, a story that encouraged up to seven victims of that same center to recount the abuses suffered. Given this, La Salle has transferred all the cases published by to the Prosecutor’s Office, which has opened an investigation, but at this time the institution assures that it has no record of any complaint to the center at that stage.