Wednesday, December 7

Former world chess champion Anatoli Karpov in an induced coma after a domestic accident

Former world chess champion Anatoli Karpov, 71, suffered a head injury as a result of a domestic accident, and is now in an induced coma in one of the main hospitals in the Russian capital, according to his daughter Sofia. The daughter of the famous chess player denied in statements to the Russian media Mash that he had been the victim of an attack last Saturday, according to several Telegram channels and digital publications.

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At the moment, Karpov is in an induced coma in the intensive care unit of the neurology ward of the Sklifosovski hospital in Moscow, one of the most prestigious medical centers in the Russian capital. Previously, the Russian Telegram channel 112 reported that the chess player had been found unconscious next to the Russian Duma headquarters last Saturday, and that doctors had diagnosed him with a head injury, a right hip fracture and a strong condition. of drunkenness

Karpov, 71, was world champion between 1975 and 1985, when he was beaten by fellow Russian Garry Kasparov, and is currently a deputy of the Duma, the lower house of the Russian Parliament. The Russian agency RIA Nóvosti confirmed with hospital sources that the former chess player is admitted in serious condition, however, he cited the denial of the head of public relations of the Russian Chess Federation, Kiril Zangalis, who denied that it was an attack. “The information that Anatoly Karpov was beaten does not correspond to reality. It is fake news,” he stated.