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Formula 1: when and where to see the Mexican Grand Prix | Digital Trends Spanish

With the Mexican Sergio “Checo” Pérez, the great motorsport circus is back in Mexico. After the suspensions in 2020 due to COVID-19, the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez will once again receive the best drivers in the world. This is all you need to know about him Formula 1 Mexican Grand Prix.

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Checo Pérez will be the great attraction of the day, especially after taking first place on October 24 in Austin, Texas, with which he added the third podium of his career and the second of the season.

Where the Mexican Grand Prix is ​​held

The Mexican driver Sergio “Checo” Pérez.

The 2021 race will be the 21st Formula 1 race that will be held at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez in Mexico City, a circuit inaugurated in 1940 and which considers a route of 4.3 kilometers.

The route includes 56 laps and 17 curves, although the dangerous “Peralta curve” –now called Nigel Mansell– is not considered, located before the main straight towards the finish line and where the pilot Ricardo Rodríguez de la Vega died in 1992.

Mexican Grand Prix Circuit

Who have won the Mexican Grand Prix

Dutchman Max Verstappen is one of the drivers who has won the Mexican Grand Prix the most times.
Dutchman Max Verstappen is one of the drivers who has won the Mexican Grand Prix the most times. Getty Images

With three podiums, British Jimmy Clark is the driver who has won the Mexican Grand Prix the most times, while his compatriot Nigel Mansell and Frenchman Alain Prost did it twice.

Of the current drivers, the only ones who could match Clark are the Dutch Max Verstappen and the British Lewis Hamilton, winners of the 2018 and 2019 editions, respectively, and who will be present at this edition.

Year Pilot Builder Circuit
1962 Jim Clark / Trevor Taylor Lotus-Climax Magdalena Mixhuca
1963 Jim Clark Lotus-Climax Magdalena Mixhuca
1964 Dan gurney Brabham-Climax Magdalena Mixhuca
1965 Richie ginther Sling Magdalena Mixhuca
1966 John surtees Cooper-Maserati Magdalena Mixhuca
1967 Jim Clark Lotus-Ford Magdalena Mixhuca
1968 Graham hill Lotus-Ford Magdalena Mixhuca
1969 Denny Hulme McLaren-Ford Magdalena Mixhuca
1970 Jacky Ickx Ferrari Magdalena Mixhuca
1971-1985 It was not disputed.
1986 Gerhard berger Benetton-BMW Rodriguez Brothers
1987 Nigel Mansell Williams-Honda Rodriguez Brothers
1988 Alain Prost McLaren-Honda Rodriguez Brothers
1989 Ayrton senna McLaren-Honda Rodriguez Brothers
1990 Alain Prost Ferrari Rodriguez Brothers
1991 Riccardo patrese Williams-Renault Rodriguez Brothers
1992 Nigel Mansell Williams-Renault Rodriguez Brothers
1993-2014 It was not disputed.
2015. Nico Rosberg Mercedes Rodriguez Brothers
2016 Lewis hamilton Mercedes Rodriguez Brothers
2017. Max verstappen Red Bull-TAG Heuer Rodriguez Brothers
2018 Max verstappen Red Bull-TAG Heuer Rodriguez Brothers
2019 Lewis hamilton Mercedes Rodriguez Brothers

When to see the Mexican Grand Prix

The Mexican Grand Prix circuit
Getty Images

The activities of the Formula 1 Mexican Grand Prix start on Thursday, November 4 with the press conference of the drivers, while training is scheduled for Friday, November 5 and Saturday, 6.

Qualifying, meanwhile, is scheduled for Saturday, November 6 at 4:00 pm local time, while the race will be held on Sunday 7 at 2:00 pm These are the times in your country.

Country Classification
Saturday 6th
sunday 7
Argentina 6:00 pm 4:00 pm
Brazil 6:00 pm 4:00 pm
chili 6:00 pm 4:00 pm
Colombia 4:00 pm 2:00 pm
Spain 12:00 am (Sunday 7) 9:00 pm
USA 5:00 pm ET / 2:00 pm PT 3:00 pm ET / 12:00 pm PT
Mexico 4:00 pm 2:00 pm
Peru 4:00 pm 2:00 pm

How to watch the Mexican Grand Prix

To see the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Mexico you can take advantage of the cable television channels that have the transmission rights of the competition or some of the offers of streaming available.

Latin America

In Latin America, the content will be transmitted through the cable television channels STAR Action and Fox Sports (in the countries where it is available). But if you do not have cable, the simplest way to access is through the service of streaming Star Plus, which offers all the content of ESPN.


In the United States, the transmission rights are in the hands of ESPN, also owned by Disney, so it is possible to access the competition through any operator that offers this channel.

However, if you do not have cable you can also access through the services of streaming ESPN Plus, Hulu with Live TV, with YouTube TV, Fubo TV or Sling TV (The latter include the ESPN channel).


In Spain, the broadcasting rights are in the hands of the DAZN F1 channel. This service is available to cable operator users Movistar + or of Service streaming DAZN.


A universal alternative to not miss any detail of the 2021 season is to hire directly F1TV, the official sign of the International Automobile Federation (FIA).

The platform offers you two subscription plans: F1TV Pro ($ 80 per year), which provides access to all races; and F1TV Access ($ 27 per year), which only gives you access to replays and on-demand races.

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