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Fornite update brings a dragon character named Klombo | Digital Trends Spanish

Epic Games released a new update for fortnite that brings back the Leaning Towers, as well as a new neutral character called Klombo, a kind of dragon or dinosaur that appears in different parts of the map.

Both additions arrive as part of the v19.10 update, which will be downloaded automatically the next time you log in to fortnite or start the game on your console.

The most striking addition, because it is a novelty, is that of Klombo, a character similar to the dragons of the famous movie How to Train Your Dragon. Klombo is somewhat of a decorative item, a neutral animal that doesn’t attack unless you attack first. However, Klombo does have an interaction, and that is that if you climb on his head and stand on the hole in it (similar to a whale’s blowhole) you will be shot, which makes it easier for you to move around the map.

Epic Games says that getting on top of Klombo’s head and being thrown could also help you escape a confrontation.

The other additions are the return of Tilted Towers, an area that debuted on the first island of fortnite years ago, and the New Fiction virtual gallery, which you can access through Fornite Creative; the gallery will be available from January 18 to 25.

Where to find Klombo in Fornite?

While Klombo is a character that appears to have random manifestations around the map, his exact location cannot be determined. However, some youtubers have published videos in which they share the points where they have seen Klombo.

Among them is the lagoon in the desert area, and in the chopped floors.

To get on Klombo, it’s easiest to ride it from the tail; from there, it goes up to his head to shoot out from his blowhole.

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