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Fortnite gets a wild new trailer featuring Optimus Prime | Digital Trends Spanish

The new season of Fortnite has finally been shown in earnest in Summer Games Festwhere we also got to see the cinematic trailer for the upcoming Wilds update, which coincides with Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 3.

Scheduled to launch on June 9 on all platforms, the new update appears to introduce a whole new theme for the island. An early section of the trailer shows the ground ripped open, revealing a tropical jungle filled with ancient temples and grindable vines, as well as rideable dinosaurs.

The characters venture into the temple, where they encounter a miniaturized version of Optimus Prime, confirming that at least some Transformers have finally become available as playable characters in Transformers’ ever-expanding roster of extradimensional allies. Fortnite.

We also see the introduction of exploding pustules that could serve as environmental hazards, as well as a new weapon similar to a rocket launcher.

Since its Chapter 4 update in December 2022, Fortnite has continued to make excellent use of Unreal Engine 5, implementing new lighting and texturing systems that showcase the cutting edge of what Unreal Engine can do with each new season.

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It’s fair to expect similar graphical improvements in the new update, although we also recently received the update Creator Economy 2.0 on March 22, which implements the seemingly versatile tool Unreal Editor for Fortnite. This has given creators the power to introduce new types of content of their own, including all-new graphic styles and gameplay, which can be accessed through stacking custom modes from Fortnite.

As with previous seasonal updates, it is expected that Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 comes along with a new Battle Pass packed with cosmetic rewards, including Optimus Prime (as shown in the cinematic trailer). The new update is expected to drop on June 9 on all platforms it supports. Fortnite is supported, including Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Switch, and Android.

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