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UFOs have come to Fortnite with the update of the season seven. These are huge flying saucers that can be piloted by players. Additionally, they can shoot lasers and even abduct people and items. However, the problem is that some players stay on the ship until the end of the game to avoid being eliminated, which can be frustrating. But don’t worry: in this guide Fortnite We will tell you how to eliminate these new spaceships, where to find them and how to survive if you are piloting one.

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Where to find UFOs

Before learning how to eliminate a UFO or how to survive piloting one, let’s first see where to find them. UFOs appear on the map in fixed locations, and in each game five emerge. Because of this, almost all of these locations fill up with players from the start of the game, so keep that in mind.

The UFO locations can be seen above (thanks, These appear on the southwest side of Steamy Stacks, southeast of Corny Complex, on the south side of Dirty Docks, at the west end of Weeping Woods, and on the island in the southeast corner of the map, near Catty Corner.

In our experience, the easiest UFO to get is the one on the island to the southeast, the location we mention at the end. This area is almost never occupied, because it is close to the edge of the map. Therefore, if you want to grab a ship, we recommend attempting the feat at that location.

How to eliminate UFOs

Fortnite UFO guide

Confronting a UFO while on foot can be frustrating. This is because the cymbal laser deals a lot of damage and can easily outmaneuver another player, especially if the person on foot is unprepared. However, there are a couple of actions you can take to make it easier for yourself. The most basic advice is to just shoot him. If the pilot is not good, you can take down the vehicle by jumping and dodging his shots while shooting him.

Anyway, if you want better results, we recommend using the Rail Gun to kill the UFOs. This weapon deals a lot of damage and is relatively easy to use. You must aim for the pink center to deal maximum damage, although this can be difficult if the target is too far away. The UFO laser is moving slowly so you should be able to dodge the shots if you jump around the place. If you get your shots right, you can take down a UFO with a Rail Gun with just three shots, that is why this is one of the best strategies.

Another good tip is to board the UFO to defeat the pilot. This can be done in a number of ways, but one of the most effective strategies is to grab a chicken and use it to fly to the top of the ship. From here, you can shoot the cockpit to take down the player without having to destroy the saucer. That way, you can pilot the ship and go your way.

On the other hand, if you are being abducted — something that happens frequently — don’t panic. All you have to do to override this is attack the claw that is leading you. Make sure you start shooting right away, and if you damage it enough, it will release you and you can slide to safety.

How to survive while piloting a UFO

Fortnite UFO guide

Piloting a UFO may be difficult for you, especially if this is your first time flying one. They aren’t that difficult to control, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, other players can easily knock you down. There are a couple of elements to keep in mind when piloting a UFO. Aside from the basic controls such as the boost function and the ability to abduct other players, you should focus on firing the laser primarily.

The lasers move very slowly, so you will need to direct your shots in a meaningful way. The most important advice is to stay above your enemies who are piloting a UFO so they will have trouble shooting you and you can get your shots right from above, just make sure you pay attention to the sight below your ship. On the other hand, when trying to defend yourself from other players who are on foot, it is important that you do not get too close to them, that way you will prevent them from boarding your ship.

It’s a trade-off, because the further away you are from your target, the more difficult it will be to fire laser shots, but we still recommend staying far enough away to avoid being boarded. Keep firing the laser until you have a good understanding of how its trajectory works.

Another good trick you can use has to do with setting buildings on fire. In essence, you can pick up a flaming torch with the UFO and drag it towards the buildings. Then drop it onto a structure. This will burn completely and damage the players inside.

The other point to consider is that you cannot deal fall damage to the players you abduct, but you can grab them to move them to a different location, making it easier to shoot them. You can also move them to the top of a building or structure and then shoot at the bottom, thus taking fall damage. There are a number of strategies you can use, so it’s best to experiment and see which one works best for you.

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