Friday, May 20

Fortnite opens its doors to the Coachella 2022 festival | Digital Trends Spanish

Fortnite announced an alliance with the Coachella 2022 festival so that its users can enjoy the music and fashion of the event. Harry Styles, Billie Eilish and The Weeknd are the great stars of the artistic show, which returns to the United States after the break due to the pandemic.

Between April 14 and May 16, the songs of 30 artists will play on the radio of the video game vehicles. Battle royale fans will also see the event landing in the music-responsive item shop.

The Bronco outfit is part of the catalogue, with accessories like the Little Teeth retro backpack and the Teether neon pickaxe. Also appearing is the Little Teeth Style paper and the alternative style Cosmic Equalization. With the Lyrical Outfit comes the Colorful Cactus Retro Backpack and Electric Festival Guitar Pickaxe.

All supplements are available individually or as part of the Party at Coachella bundle. Epic Games.

As anticipated, the second wave of objects will arrive on Thursday, April 21. Sale includes Tall and Poetess outfits, plus matching accessories.

Alto’s matching accessories are the festive Sonic Waves retro backpack and the tropical Cute Electropalm Pickaxe. Poetess brings the Otherworldly Cosmonaut Helmet back pack, as well as the Cactus Smasher pickaxe and the Main Scenario role.

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