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Fortnite vs. Warzone: which battle royale should I play? | Digital Trends Spanish

Two of the video games battle royale most popular and successful are Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite. Both are free, ever-changing, and both feature engaging gameplay that keeps players gamers wanting to continue playing. If you’ve spent time with these two games, you probably already know which one will suit you. Or maybe you like both equally. But beginners might not be sure. Here is the comparison Fortnite vs. Warzone, so you can analyze their differences and decide which one is ideal for you.

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We present you the comparison Fortnite vs. Warzone

Ease of start

Intimidation. This is probably one of the reasons that prevent some gamers dabble in these games. It is clear that Fortnite it is easier to understand because it is much less complicated than Warzone. This is not a criticism against Fortnite; its simplicity is a strength. We imagine that a beginner would be overwhelmed by the large number of activities to do in Warzone even before you start playing.

The main obstacle to overcome in Warzone it is customization, which allows you to obtain the accessories that you are going to use in a confrontation. They are around 85 primary weapons, many secondary options, benefits and various types of equipment; they all need to be unlocked. But beyond that are the accessories of the weapons such as optical elements, muzzles, different types of ammunition and gloves to better control the recoil of the weapons. Many weapons have around 40 to 50 different accessories to unlock, so things can get out of hand in the customization department. This can cause a new player to lose interest, especially if you are going to face other participants with equipped weapons.

Fortnite It also has a number of weapons with different characteristics and functions, but since they all appear on the map as loot, it is easier to enter and play, when players of Warzone they spend a good amount of time modifying different weapons to maximize their effectiveness. There’s a little more luck involved in Fortnite since it all comes down to what you can discover in the world, but if you play your cards right, you can get better weapons.

Finally, there is merit in complicated systems of Warzonebut unless you have an experienced friend to guide you through it all, it’s easy to see why some players quit the game.

Constantly changing

Bunkers in Call of Duty: Warzone

Battle royale games are attractive because they always change. If you played Fortnite When it came out and you’ve played it lately, it can seem like two completely different games. The map has evolved, it seems like you’ve seen the story in a hit movie, and there are a number of new modes. But most of all, numerous in-game events occur on a semi-regular basis, attracting millions of today’s players to experience them.

Warzone has changed a lot since its launch. the main map, Verdansk, has been converted to a 1984 version to correlate with Black Ops Cold War, although the layout in general remained practically the same. Interestingly, each annual release of Call of duty will coincide with the advance of Warzone, which means that the battle royale will undergo major changes to its configuration and weapons, depending on the main installment that is released each fall. The big problem is that – although sometimes the game will undergo substantial changes – these are not as frequent as those that appear in Fortnite.

It seems like every week Fortnite presents something new, be it a new NPC with which to interact around the map, an event, a mode, or a point of interest to visit. Although most of the additions are not decisive for a game, they are frequent enough to feel a renewed game. And every few months, a new version of the map is added, with different updates on story-related POIs.

The most common types of changes you receive Warzone they are in their weapons, which is not noticeable as much as a map, an NPC, or new mode. Although something can be said about the constantly changing goal of the game, it is difficult for a new player to get excited about an assault rifle gaining a bit of strength to control the recoil. Viewing the two games in general, updates from Fortnite frankly they are more frequent, more exciting and better executed than those you can find in Warzone. Activison may begin to implement more reasons to review Warzone every week, but for the moment, Fortnite has the upper hand in this category.

Everything is in the presentation

The most obvious difference between the two games is how they look and sound. Fortnite features simple, vibrant colors with less emphasis on realism, while Warzone it is the exact opposite (although it has its own style). Assessing the aesthetics of both games is much more difficult because it all comes down to preferences, but it’s worth noting that Warzone it feels more immersive as it feels closer to reality. However, diving is not always as fun.

Fortnite it’s great because its visual style allows you to include skins and aesthetic elements from many famous TV shows, movies, comics, and games. What other game allows you to play as Kratos from God of war, Batman, and Rick Sanchez from Rick and morty? Due to the art style, Epic Games can add almost any famous character to Fortnite. Warzone has a good amount of authorized characters like Billy the Puppet from the saga Saw, Leatherface by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and even Judge Dredd. But as you can see, in this aspect there is less room for variations in Warzone what in Fortnite.

When it comes to aesthetics, it’s hard to pick a winner as we appreciate both games for what they bring. In the end it all comes down to realism vs. variety. Fortnite definitely earns points for his immense number of characters, although playing as John McClane from Die hard on Warzone it is an absolute pleasure.

Moment to moment

Above all this, arguably the most important aspect of a battle royale it is its playability. It’s fun? Is the moment-to-moment experience engaging and worth repeating? Frequent updates, beautiful art, and fan-favorite character skins mean little if the game isn’t actually fun. Warzone and Fortnite they are fun, but the experiences you will have in both games are vastly different.

The main point is that Fortnite it’s funnier than Warzone, due in part to skill-based matchmaking. We wish we could go into the specifics of how skill-based matchmaking works in each game, but its developers do not disclose any information about it, this way players cannot exploit the system. From our experience, pairing in Fortnite seems to be more relaxed, when you are grouped with a wider variety of players with different abilities. On the other hand, Warzone it tends to group you with players much closer to your own skill level. There are pros and cons to both methods, but at the end of the day, your tastes will dictate which one you prefer.

Besides the difficulty, Warzone tends to be more complicated than Fortnite, mechanically speaking. The use of weapons is more difficult since they are more nuanced, and your vision is more restricted since it is in the first person, compared to the third person perspective of Fortnite. Money / currency is much more important in Warzone since your survival is often based on the weapons you have and you need to buy certain accessories during the game. There is a greater sense of verticality in Warzone, which adds to the nuances.

Fortnite It has a bit more depth with its build mechanism, but even at its best, build structures don’t reach the level of complication that it can go Warzone. You have to take a lot into account in the battle royale from Call of duty, like your own steps (or those of your teammates), whether or not to buy a station that has been visited by your opponents, the placement of the vehicles, where the players are during a UAV and countless other situations. Even after spending an incredible amount of time on Warzone —More than 1,000 hours — it is possible to find new mechanisms that you might not have seen before.

Warzone It ends up being a more rewarding experience due to the goodness of their systems. The feeling of a timely shot or a quick decision that leads to a victory is always present in Warzone, and for this, it has the advantage over Fortnite. The simplicity of Fortnite it’s beautiful, but the depth of Warzone is more satisfying.

Other differences

There are a few other key differences to note before reaching a verdict. Fortnite It has a clear advantage because it is available on more platforms. To a large extent virtually every modern gaming device imaginable is compatible with Fortnite, such as iOS, Android, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X, PC, and Nintendo Switch. On the other hand, Warzone It is only available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. So from a practicality point of view, it is easier to have access to Fortnite as it is available on more devices. They are not to mention that Warzone it has a huge installation size, making it more complicated.

Additionally, the problem of cheating in Warzone is infamous. The situation has not improved, and Activision plans to implement a sophisticated anti-cheat system by the end of 2021, but in the meantime it remains something that could alienate potential players. Fortnite You are no stranger to the problem of cheaters, but they are less common to run into.


These games are for slightly different audiences. One is addressed to all gamers while the other to more mature players. From a general point of view, Fortnite has the upper hand, with many more significant updates and fewer cheats. There is great appeal to Fortnite, with references to so many popular characters from popular culture. And it is much easier to access Fortnite what to Warzone, due to the number of supported platforms.

Which one you should choose depends on your skills, personal taste, and the platforms you have at your disposal. If you are more interested in FPS games, we recommend Warzone. If you prefer to venture into the area of ​​weapons and are not afraid to look at spreadsheets and maybe even do math, we recommend Warzone. If you are just looking for something to play from time to time without having to be aware of the current goal and other factors, Fortnite it could be for you.

Both are fantastic, offering vastly different experiences that are worth checking out.

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