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Forza Horizon 5: This is all we know so far | Digital Trends Spanish

The fifth game in the series Forza Horizon is on everyone’s lips after winning the Most Anticipated Game of E3 2021 award thanks to its shocking previews and tons of announcements showing that Forza It will give fans of racing video games much more of what they want.

Forza Horizon 5 It will be available in just a couple of months, so for now, we summarize everything we know about the game, such as its release date, its incredible locations in Mexico, and more!

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Price and release date

Forza Horizon 5 It will be available through early access starting November 4, 2021, although its global release date will be November 9. You will be able to play it on its release date on Game Pass, so if you have a subscription to the service, you will be able to download it and play it “free”.

On the other hand, if you choose to buy it, you can choose between the Standard Edition of $ 59.99 dollars, the Luxury Edition of $ 79.99 dollars and that brings several additional cars or the Ultimate Edition of $ 99.99, which includes a welcome package, the DLC season pass (downloadable bonus content) and more. If you prefer, you can also buy the add-ons separately. You can pre-order here.



Forza is usually an Xbox exclusive, and Horizon 5 is no exception: The game will be available on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC. It will also come to Steam and you can play it in streaming through Xbox Cloud Gaming. However, Horizon 5 It is a game that justifies buying a Series X, since in that console you will see a notable graphical improvement. The title was developed with the Xbox Series X in mind, so it has 4K graphics, 60fps animations in Full HD, and support for ray-tracing graphics in Forza Vista display mode (i.e. not during a race). ). Also, the loading times are shorter thanks to the X / S Series SSD.

Game modes

Forza Horizon is usually an open world video game, but it still has several game modes based on how you like to advance or what kind of races you prefer. On Forza Horizon 5, some of the game modes available are:

Bell: It is a guided mode in which you explore the main areas of the game map, with characters that tell a story through missions. The developers point out that story missions will have different outcomes depending on how you progress in the races or who you ally with.

Horizon Open: It is a PvP (player vs player) mode that includes several versus modes, such as Racing, Drifting and more.

Horizon Tour: The Horizon Tour encourages players to form teams to compete together and continue as a group to the next area of ​​the game.

Horizon arcade: The developers also confirmed that several modes that were in the past games in the series will be back, however, we still do not know which ones. But since Forza Horizon 5 happens all over Mexico, we hope to see modes like the Cross Country Series, Street Scene and Road Racing Series back.

Elimination: It’s a battle royale mode on an open world map and frankly we’re not sure how it works. However, if you enjoy multiplayer PvP this mode should probably interest you.

Piñata Pop: A new game mode in which dozens of piñatas fall from the sky across the map. Players will have to blow up as many as possible within the time limit, and will be able to participate as a team to achieve higher scores.

Eventlab: A promising creation mode that will allow players to create their own races with specific parameters, promising innovation and replayability.

Car collection

Forza Horizon 5 It will include hundreds of different cars, various visual enhancements for car accessories, 100 new tires to experiment with, and more. We will also have more information about the new features of the Garage prior to the premiere of Forza Horizon 5.

Likewise, there will be new options to customize your avatar, including new models, voices and pronouns. You can buy accessories such as clothes and colors using the in-game currency.

Forza and online multiplayer

Forza Horizon 5 will debut Forza Link, an artificial intelligence assistant that will keep track of your progress and that of the players you meet online in multiplayer modes. The idea is to facilitate encounters with other players, but above all, that they are more akin to your preferences and skill level.

Sure, we’d like to test multiplayer thoroughly to see if Forza Link will make a noticeable difference, but for now, the news about its optimization is promising. The multiplayer will also integrate “Kudos”, a social currency that players will earn when they perform “positive acts” and that they can exchange for badges that show how good Samaritan you are.

Location and terrain

An image from the video game Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 takes place in Mexico, so the maps cover various types of terrain throughout the country, including beaches, canyons, rainforests, cities, and even a dormant volcano. Urban areas like the city of Guanajuato are key to exploration and the game also has collaborations with local artists, from muralists to musicians, to make the experience more organic.

The game’s creative director, Mike Brown, indicated that Forza Horizon 5 It is the largest game in the series to date. Weather and meteorological changes are more dynamic than ever, and the Forza team took 12K images of the Mexican sky 24 hours a day to naturally mimic lighting conditions.

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