Monday, September 26

Founder of Tron wants to take 5 people into space with him

Justin Sun, founder of Tron (TRX) and diplomat from Grenada, won a Blue Origin auction to go into space. Now the millionaire is looking for a company to pioneer this mission.

Known for marketing at any opportunity, Justin Sun spends millions of dollars on somewhat random auctions.. One example was the day he paid $4.6 million ($26 million) to have dinner with Warren Buffett.

Its cryptocurrency, which was supposed to be a major competitor to Ethereum, is just sinking and is already down 73% since its historic 2018 top. Bored boat or submarine, the fact is that Tron (TRX) is in the depths while Sun is going into space.

Childhood dream

According to Justin Sun, going into space has been a dream he has had since he was a child and, believing that others have the same desire, he will be inviting five other people to participate in this journey into space.

The auction organized by Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ company, raised $28 million (BRL 160 million) to take Justin Sun, and five companions, into space next year.

This Wednesday (22), the founder of the cryptocurrency Tron revealed which groups of people will be invited to the trip. Among the list is a figure linked to the metaverse, a Tron DAO participant, a technology entrepreneur, an artist and, finally, a celebrity. The names have yet to be revealed.

Justin Sun Tweets about traveling to space. Source: Twitter

While I’ve stated that this is a child’s dream, it’s important to note that Sun doesn’t miss any opportunities to market her projects. So we can expect some surprises.

working for the government

Despite being born in China, Sun recently started working for the government of Grenada, a small country of 110,000 people located in the Caribbean.

While his speech about this change of plans cites the importance of bringing blockchain technology into the state, it’s important to mention that he now has diplomatic immunity, such as pointed the Protos portal. Other big players are also embracing the Caribbean region, making it, at the very least, interesting to watch.

In addition to the trip to space, Justin Sun has also flaunted a few million for dinner with Warren Buffett. Your coin, unlike Sun’s, doesn’t seem to be going into space.

Since taking up the post of diplomat in Grenada, TRX’s price has only dropped, which casts doubt on whether Tron was an easy way to raise money for Justin or not.