Saturday, September 30

Four arrested for sexual abuse during the first two days of Sanfermines

Four people have been arrested in Pamplona for sexual abuse in the first two days of San Fermín. At least one of the crimes has been about a minor, as detailed by the Foral Police. According to what was announced this Friday at the meeting of the Local Civil Protection Board, 188 complaints have been registered so far, which represents a decrease of 34% compared to the 287 that were filed in the Sanfermines of 2019.

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According to the data provided by the different police forces, the largest number of complaints have been filed for theft crimes (small amounts), which have been 146 complaints, compared to 199 in 2019.

These parties have reinforced police control to avoid or minimize the number of people who urinate on public roads, a prohibited behavior that is sanctioned with a 300-euro fine. The consequence is that in these two days 33 administrative sanctions have been imposed, compared to 12 in 2019. And in relation to cleaning, the Local Civil Protection Board has realized that, for the moment, less garbage has been collected sweeping (the one that cannot be recycled and goes directly to landfill).

Regarding the operation of public transport, compared to 2016, which was the last year in which July 6 fell on a Wednesday, urban buses have had a similar influx, adding 214,000 passengers in 48 hours. The mandatory use of masks on Villavesa trips has been appropriate these days and, for those who have requested it, in two days 15,000 masks have been distributed at the time of accessing public transport.