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Four beautiful hangers for your plants that you can make at home

Sharing a small apartment with your legion of indoor plants means squeezing a lot of space. Or have it all messed up. It is true that you can place some pots on shelves, as we tell you in this article full of tricks to organize your living room plants. Or use them to set up a beautiful vertical garden (both indoors and for the terrace).

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If you can’t – or don’t feel like – suppress your passion for plants, there is yet another trick to bring them home in style: hang them up. You can always buy hangers, but here are four options to make them yourself and transform old ropes or wooden planks into great (and very beautiful) hangers for your indoor plants.

1. The easiest plant hanger – use a string!

You can make a hanger for your plants in less than a minute. First, get a sturdy rope, about two meters long, although the exact length will depend on how high you need to hang your pot.

  • You can use a sisal cord or resort to the long-suffering macrame rope. In its favor, several things: it is very resistant, it is beautiful and you can find it in almost all colors.
  • Tie a knot at the two open ends of your rope to form a circumference.
  • Support it on the floor or a large table and twist the end opposite the knot to create a loop or a lucky figure of eight. You will have an asymmetrical eight, with one half small and the other larger.
  • Place your pot at the intersection of your eight, and thread the rest of the string (your half of the big eight, with the knot at the end) through the inside of your small half of the eight.
  • Pass the rope back to the opposite side of where you have it, stretch and that’s it!

It will have taken you less than three minutes; and it is great for practically any type of plant that you need to find a space in the living room.

2. Make it yourself: floating shelves for your plants

When we have many plants at home, and little space, a shelf (or a piece of wood) and two pieces of sturdy rope can solve the dilemma.

  • You only need to drill four holes in your plank, one in each corner (use a drill for ease).
  • Pass the rope through them to create the handles that you will hang on the wall.
  • Consider threading each rope to one side with two holes: that is, put the first end of the rope through the first hole and knot it under the plank.
  • Do the same with the other end of the rope, and you already have a handle.
  • Repeat the process with the other string.

The result is lucky swing or hanging bench made of wood, which you can easily hang on a wall with hooks or screws; and on which to start placing your pots and even your books.

3. Hanging tray for your poto, and so pretty!

This homemade plant hanger is a version of the previous one; but, instead of using a rectangular plank, in this case, we use a round wooden tray. You can find it for little money in kitchenware or kitchen accessories stores; Or you can take advantage of the one that you already have at home and that you never use.

The idea is exactly the same as for the floating shelf, but in this case, you don’t need to make holes in the wood, but rather tie it underneath. Or, better yet, use the same technique explained for the first hanger, the rope one: knot it to create a circumference, and cross it over myself. In this case, you do not place the pot directly at the intersection of the rope but that is where you place your round tray. And, above it, the flowerpot that you will hang. Ready!

4. Plant hanger with two metal or brass rings

This option is more than stylish. You need a pair of open brass hoops: it will be easy to find them in craft stores or, directly, online. Use the size of rings you want (as long as they both have the same diameter); Although they will fit better if your earrings are at least 15 centimeters.

Also, get yourself a sturdy piece of wood, which will help you support your plant: it doesn’t need to be very large, just enough to hold the pot. You also need four round spikes (or hook screws), and a piece of string, like the one used for macrame.

Now, fix two spikes on each side of the wood, and pass your rings inside them (one on each side). When you have them, close them and tie them together with a piece of electrical tape. Thread your rope around the hoops, to hide the duct tape part, and use the rest of the rope to hang your new planter from the favorite corner of your house.

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