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Four effective ecological remedies to get rid of house flies

After spending these first days of heat and with no signs that they will stop soon, the incipient and early summer of this year brings us our old friends of all styles: the flies. They are already beginning to frequent our kitchens, banging their heads against our windows, nuzzling our noses and whispering in our ears with their annoying buzzing.

They are here because we have delicious things at home to eat, things especially that ferment and decompose faster in the heat and whose vinegary smell they find it very attractive, as well as the foul odors of putrefaction and feces.

One of the things we can do so that our friends do not come is extreme hygienetrying to have the garbage and recycling bins well covered, so that they do not give off odours.

It is also a good idea not to have bottles with liquid bottoms that have been left over outdoors, as they will ferment and attract flies. For the rest, it is difficult that we do not have fruit in a fruit bowl and that this does not attract them, so we must look for other additional remedies to drive them away.

In ConsumptionClaro we want to offer you Four good remedies that will prevent flies from roaming freely by your house.

Fruit Fly Trap

This small trap emits attractive odors to flies and other invasive insects such as wasps, and carries them to a sticky surface where they are trapped and removed. It is enough to place it in strategic places so that it becomes a vacuum cleaner for flies.

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Hywean 40 Pieces Paper Fly Catcher

It is the classic fly-trap tape, which is hung from ceilings and door frames. Very effective, although it is lost in the aesthetic part. But it gets rave reviews from buyers, which isn’t always often the case with these types of products.

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Double Sided Yellow Sticky Traps

Again attractant and adhesive substance traps, since it is the most effective if we want to use selective remedies and do not pollute the environment. In this case, they are yellow sheets, somewhat more aesthetic than the previous strips, which can be hung both indoors and outdoors. Waterproof and sunproof and recommended by Amazon.

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Plextone trap bags

Pesticide-free trap: the attractant is environmentally friendly; bring the flies into the trap and then they just fall into the water. It’s easy to set up the trap in five minutes with no additional tools required except some string, twine or wire.

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