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Four flavors of spreadable creams that will make you the king or queen of pastry

Whether as a snack, breakfast, afternoon snack or as a condiment for your pastry creations, spreadable creams are a staple in any fridge. And, if you still haven’t dared to try them, here we bring you some irresistible ones.

There are salty flavors, others based on vegetables, even meats, cheeses or fish. But, to satisfy the sweetest palates, this time we have made a compilation of some in which nuts, caramel or exotic fruits are their star ingredients.

pistachio cream

It is one of the recommended foods in a balanced diet, -as long as it is not consumed in excess-, since its properties are incalculable: it abounds in mineral salts, phosphorus, calcium or iron, among others.

Eatalian pistachios are created in Sicily, selecting the best nuts with which this spreadable cream similar to peanut butter is made and that will give you the necessary energy in the day to day.

Its versatility is wonderful, as it is exquisite spread on bread, on biscuits or to decorate, glaze and be the main ingredient in your desserts.. This jar contains 200 g and costs 9.99 eurosalthough you have available package fingers for 15.99 euros.

Almond cream

KoRo’s philosophy is simple but effective: offer the best quality at a fair price, which is why they create products like this almond cream. It does not contain sugar, salt, or preservatives, colorants or additives, so its flavor is 100% natural.

It is not only suitable for spreading, but also as a special seasoning in the muesli or in shakes to give them consistency. In addition, it is suitable for celiac, vegan and vegetarian diets, so none of your guests will be left without trying it in your appetizers. 14.90 euros is the price of this 500 g jar.

salted caramel cream

Despite what it may seem because salt is one of its main ingredients, the flavor of this cream is rather sweet due to the caramel, with a salty aftertaste of Maldon sea salt, but without being excessive.

It is, of course, the ideal spreadable cream for lovers of sweets and it is great on toast but, above all, crowning waffles or as a differential point in ice creams. Its origin is the United Kingdom and its creative brand, Wilkin & Sons TipTree, a benchmark in gourmet jam since 1700 and since 1911 suppliers to the royal house of England. 210g for €7.95.

Coconut and almond cream

This tropical nut&me cream has an intense flavor and aroma of coconut, ideal for lovers of this exotic fruit, this time accompanied by notes of almond. As if that were not enough, it is low in carbohydrates, which is why it is common in the refrigerators of those who follow diets low in this nutrient and want to indulge in a sweet treat, which never hurts.

How to eat it? the best thing is to try it in your biscuits, pancakes or muffins. In addition, as nut&me is a brand committed to the environment, they use 100% recyclable packaging like these and make it for 9.99 euros for 250 g.

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