Monday, February 6

Four Futuro Vegetal activists undress against Campofrío in a supermarket in Barcelona

Naked from the waist up and bathed in blood, four activists protested this Wednesday next to the Campofrío brand refrigerators in an English Court in Barcelona, ​​with posters that read the hashtag #CorajeVegetal.

The UN draws some red lines to try to avoid the ‘greenwashing’ of companies and banks


“We protest naked and bathed in blood with Campofrío products to protest against the Christmas ad with which they laugh at the entire population,” declares the text that accompanies the video published on networks. The action lasted about 10 minutes, until they were identified and evicted by supermarket security, and it was carried out peacefully.

This protest is part of the Christmas challenge #joujoujouchallenge, promoted by Futuro Vegetal, a civil disobedience movement and direct action against the Climate Crisis. The group shared the call on its networks on Tuesday, “a call to mock the meat industry” and specifically the Campofrío company, through a protest action until December 24. The most original is promised a very activist Christmas basket: an action pack and fire extinguishers.

The reason that Campofrío is the objective of this challenge is its latest christmas ad, in which the meat reflects on the world that we want to leave to the next generations and appeals to “courage”, despite being one of the great polluters in Spain.

“They make fun of the entire population. We hope that at least it will help to remove the image that they are giving as a company that cares about people’s future”, says Bilbo Bassaterra, co-founder of Futuro Vegetal. “It would also be nice if they made some sort of apology,” he adds. From the collective, they also reproach the inaction of Alberto Garzón’s ministry in the face of ‘greenwashing’: “We understand that often taking more forceful measures is difficult, but it is time to regulate this type of advertising that certain companies do from the Ministry of consumption.

“I know that there will be quite a few participants, a lot of people have written to us asking questions about how to carry out the actions,” Bassaterra comments. Given the great demand, they have even published a video tutorial with the recipe for fake blood, so visual in protests, on the Futuro Vegetal networks. “As long as the principles and values ​​that we defend are shared, anyone can participate,” says Bassaterra. The requirements are that the actions are not violent, “we do not harm people physically or verbally,” she specifies; and that the objectives are always large corporations and not local businesses.